When Good Friends Go Bad

I run a tight ship. By that I mean not much gets into my world. Some may say I have a┬á small world, I think it stays drama free. Y’all know I’m talking about friends, right? But I get that some of you need friends around. I’m not judging because each person is different and…… Continue reading When Good Friends Go Bad

Learning to Love the Skin I’m in

Newsflash: I’m not perfect. Carry on. All the brouhaha in the media nowadays about plus size and curvy women being beautiful no matter their size just makes me feel less perfect. I guess it’s the in thing for women to now like how they look? I dunno…what if you don’t? I was quite happy (…… Continue reading Learning to Love the Skin I’m in

Lies to tell yourself about yourself

I’m 21. “Forever 21!” Until recently that was my stock answer for every person who asked my age. I’m not, but somehow the doctor checking my moles at my annual checkup, believed me and wrote that down on my forms. ­čĄö Also the policeman ( …long story!) Actually I’m 43. Or 44. I don’t count…… Continue reading Lies to tell yourself about yourself