My Journey to Menopause

**Males or hyper sensitive readers turn away now. I'm 44. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. My stock answer is "I'm forever 21".I'm greying, things are sagging and the rest are either tired, veiny or dry. I'm in active peri – menopause, but I couldn't be happier! Relieved would be a better word. You see, I've always…… Continue reading My Journey to Menopause

Challenges Series: Roberta Roodt

Claim to fame: my sister – in – law, rocking Glam-ma to 3 grandkids, expat teacher, living and working in the UAE for the past 13 years, sans hubby, go – getter and never – quitter.Challenge: post – 40 career change and international move. Roberta qualified as a teacher the year I was born. Process…… Continue reading Challenges Series: Roberta Roodt

Notes on Being a Warrior Woman in Heels

I recently took G to watch Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. We loved the strong female cast and I was smitten with Wonder Woman's wedge heeled boots.A couple of things that made me go hmmm…On an island of warrior women, they're all dressed like the quintessential male wet dream in corsets, heels and short skirts.They…… Continue reading Notes on Being a Warrior Woman in Heels

Staying Chic while Working from Your Couch

Most mornings I'm on the couch or at the kitchen table, sending or reading emails, creating e – books, interacting with all y'all on SM. The day can fly past so quickly before you know it's 12PM and your tummies rumbling, you're suffering from caffeine overdose and you hands are shaky, you look down and…… Continue reading Staying Chic while Working from Your Couch

5 days of Summer Office Chic

Being a business woman and entrepreneur means you’ve always ALWAYS got to look the part. It all speaks of respect for yourself and for the people you’re interacting with.  In the UAE people tend to get dressed up to take their dog for a walk so the stakes are marginally higher.  I’m no supermodel, neither…… Continue reading 5 days of Summer Office Chic

Why Competence Always Loses out to Confidence

I was part of an interesting conversation the other day. A good friend and her friend were discussing the recent spate of layoffs in the education department in Abu Dhabi. He moaned and she bitched while I erm’d and ah’d. As with all bitch fests the conversation turned to who was doing what to whom…… Continue reading Why Competence Always Loses out to Confidence