My Journey to Menopause

**Males or hyper sensitive readers turn away now. I'm 44. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. My stock answer is "I'm forever 21".I'm greying, things are sagging and the rest are either tired, veiny or dry. I'm in active peri – menopause, but I couldn't be happier! Relieved would be a better word. You see, I've always…… Continue reading My Journey to Menopause

Why Modesty at Work is Overrated

Clarity: I’m talking about false modesty. The kind where you’ve done the work, clocked the miles in professional development, walked the walk and talked the talk. That modesty that keeps you from speaking up, tooting your own horn and being your own damned cheerleader. That’s false. That sense of modesty is false.  Of course, the…… Continue reading Why Modesty at Work is Overrated

Lies to tell yourself about yourself

I’m 21. “Forever 21!” Until recently that was my stock answer for every person who asked my age. I’m not, but somehow the doctor checking my moles at my annual checkup, believed me and wrote that down on my forms. 🤔 Also the policeman ( …long story!) Actually I’m 43. Or 44. I don’t count…… Continue reading Lies to tell yourself about yourself

5 ways to lose blog followers

I like to follow other female bloggers.  I don’t follow many but have my faves. Garance Dore, Marie Denee and Beth Djalali are a few of the ladies I follow. As a South African I try to follow fellow Saffas, but I’ve not found anyone I’d go to bat for.  This blog/rant will outline why these…… Continue reading 5 ways to lose blog followers