Why I hate being a coloured woman

I don’t. That’s all. But now that you’re here, let’s spend a few focusing on you, and why you may have come to read this post. You’re a whitey wondering why all coloured people are so ……( insert highly racist descriptor here) You’re a whitey wandering around in the fraught minefield that is coloured mentality.…… Continue reading Why I hate being a coloured woman

I can’t stop procrastinating 

Such an ugly affliction! It’s multi-syllabic and very little is known about it. Doctors don’t diagnose it, there’s no known medication or cure for it, and millions of people suffer from it. At first you don’t even know you have it. Symptoms include losing time, over-confidence and panic attacks. Hello, my name is Karin and…… Continue reading I can’t stop procrastinating 

5 lessons I learned in a hostile work environment

Your boss hates you. But he needs you. But he hates you. If it’s not your boss, then it’s someone else in senior leadership. In my case it was the VP, the second in command. TBH, the day I was called for a second interview I felt something was a bit “off” with him. He…… Continue reading 5 lessons I learned in a hostile work environment

5 picks for Spring 2017

Spring is almost here. I can taste it. The weather’s warming, the sun’s shining bri….wrong! It turns out it was JUST ANOTHER SANDSTORM(!) in the land of the sand. 🏜 But I’m ever the optimist and am looking forward to new stuff. New opportunities, new home, new school for girl spawn, new blogposts, etcetera. And…… Continue reading 5 picks for Spring 2017

5 ways to lose blog followers

I like to follow other female bloggers.  I don’t follow many but have my faves. Garance Dore, Marie Denee and Beth Djalali are a few of the ladies I follow. As a South African I try to follow fellow Saffas, but I’ve not found anyone I’d go to bat for.  This blog/rant will outline why these…… Continue reading 5 ways to lose blog followers