Top 3 Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

I’ve never realized how many body lotions there are in the market until I decided to take on this challenge. What challenge you ask? The “Mission Replace Nivea” challenge, that challenge! *read about my issues with Beiersdorf and Nivea here. I would still be staring at the beauty aisle in consternation if I hadn’t remembered…… Continue reading Top 3 Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

Product Review: Nivea Skin Delight

I guess the Latin meaning of the word “Nivea” should have been my first clue. It literally means “snow white”. Surprised? Don’t be. Thing is, Beiersdorf has a history of running racist ads. Look at this ad. As a woman of colour I feel offence so deep I cannot. even. Implications: A black man sporting…… Continue reading Product Review: Nivea Skin Delight