Review: Baobab powder from Pandavita

As a thoroughly modern momma I’m ever looking for ways to make my kid stronger, keep her healthy, and generally give her an edge in life. From secular homeschooling, to targeted activities that incorporate full body and brain development, I’m always looking for the next best thing.  I’m currently reading Optimum Nutrition For Your Child’s…… Continue reading Review: Baobab powder from Pandavita

Top 3 Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

I’ve never realized how many body lotions there are in the market until I decided to take on this challenge. What challenge you ask? The “Mission Replace Nivea” challenge, that challenge! *read about my issues with Beiersdorf and Nivea here. I would still be staring at the beauty aisle in consternation if I hadn’t remembered…… Continue reading Top 3 Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

Product Review: Nivea Skin Delight

I guess the Latin meaning of the word “Nivea” should have been my first clue. It literally means “snow white”. Surprised? Don’t be. Thing is, Beiersdorf has a history of running racist ads. Look at this ad. As a woman of colour I feel offence so deep I cannot. even. Implications: A black man sporting…… Continue reading Product Review: Nivea Skin Delight