Motivation vs. Routine

I’ve been reading stuff. A lot of motivational stuff. Stuff friends gave me because they saw my motivation was gone. A terrible job can do that to you. It’ll drain the motivation and energy from you faster than a thirsty vampire in a blood bank! Just so you know, I’m not a fan of motivational…… Continue reading Motivation vs. Routine

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

I've recently moved to a bigger apartment, and finally, FINALLY have a much needed space for my own office. I can decorate MY space how I want. I'm tempted to have all the things, but as ever, budget is a huge consideration since I'll be moving full time into entrepreneurship. My top tips for designing…… Continue reading How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Network when You’re an Introvert

A few days ago this conversation happened with a coaching client*.* Permission to post was granted, don't worry!Client: I need to go to this networking thing but I don't like going to these things.Me: why not?Client: I don't know what to say, what to do. I feel shy around all the suits and business cards.Me:…… Continue reading How to Network when You’re an Introvert

Challenges Series: Roberta Roodt

Claim to fame: my sister – in – law, rocking Glam-ma to 3 grandkids, expat teacher, living and working in the UAE for the past 13 years, sans hubby, go – getter and never – quitter.Challenge: post – 40 career change and international move. Roberta qualified as a teacher the year I was born. Process…… Continue reading Challenges Series: Roberta Roodt

Why More Women are Needed in Business

I'd bet a million bucks there's some man reading this somewhere going, "She's going to talk about how empathetic women are. Pfft!"Well yeah, we are that. No denying it. But we're so much more. The way I see it, the world can only benefit from more women entrepreneurs, bankers, CEOs, and so on. And not…… Continue reading Why More Women are Needed in Business

About the Challenges Series

I am loving the idea of creating this series. As with all great ideas it stems from a personal need. My issue was always that in order to find a solution to a female specific question I had to wade through a morass of male oriented books, advice websites and articles. For instance, if I…… Continue reading About the Challenges Series

Crafting YOUR Personal Brand: The Method to the Madness

Secret sharing time: until last November (2016), I had no idea who I was and what I represented. And as the old adage goes " If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".And fall I did. Many, many, many times. I fell for sucker jobs that no one else would do, shitty friends…… Continue reading Crafting YOUR Personal Brand: The Method to the Madness