How to Create the Perfect Home Office

I've recently moved to a bigger apartment, and finally, FINALLY have a much needed space for my own office. I can decorate MY space how I want. I'm tempted to have all the things, but as ever, budget is a huge consideration since I'll be moving full time into entrepreneurship.

My top tips for designing your space:

  1. Assess your space; how large it is, window placement, ceiling height, etc.
  2. Decide on your functional spaces; seating areas, workspaces, etc.
  3. Design your space using a simple drawing tool. I used Apple Notes.
  4. Decide what professional help you'll need – shelves, cupboards, painting, etc.
  5. Decide on a colour scheme.
  6. Draft a budget.
  7. Use online and IRL to source good secondhand or "pre-loved" pieces.
  8. Take your time. Your space will come together slowly. Rushing out to buy all the things will jeopardize your budget.
  9. Stay flexible. Your needs or tastes might change as your office evolves. Don't panic and adjust your timeline and budget accordingly.

The room is fairly large (6mx5m) with a large, arced, north facing window which affords lots of natural light. I plan on leaving it unadorned.

I need:

  • a large desk space
  • storage space for supplies, files and linen boxes
  • a meeting space for when clients pop by
  • a space for photography/ videography, preferably facing the window to take advantage of that natural light I mentioned before.

Using every inch of space in a functional manner is important. An L- shaped desk would afford me space for my desktop PC and an "offline" space. The AC unit is right above the desk so I won't feel the wrath of it since I'll probably be spending more time here than anywhere else in the room.

The video/ photography space would be opposite the window since natural light is über important. I'll probably borrow a single seater from the meeting space to shoot videos and keep a narrow table just for product or flat-lay shoots.

A meeting space where I can serve my clients is very important. I want them to feel comfortable yet that they are working with a professional in a professional environment. Couches and a coffee table ( you know I'm having a coffee machine in this office, right?) should strike the right note.

I plan on using a wall to wall open shelving system. It has to double as a linen closet for the rest of the house, so baskets will be in heavy rotation.

The fun stuff!

I plan on using my logo colours throughout the office: white, black and pink.

As such the room has been painted plain white. The floor is tiled in a light grey speckled tile and I probably won't use any rugs.

Desk space ideas

Budget: 1000 dirhams

Video space

Since I know bupkiss about how to do this, I'll probably call in the professionals. This will push my budget into the stratosphere but it's a necessary evil.

Budget: 5000 dirhams

Meeting space

I am definitely finding a pink couch! Why? One, I have to consider manly tastes in the rest of the house at all times and two, kiddies feet on couches are notorious for being icky, so again I have to consider that in the rest of the house. But this is my space so it's going to be pink!

I like the idea that shelving can be part of the decor, so I'm going for the open shelving idea. As I said before it'll have space for my linens in closed wicker baskets at the bottom, so will need to be fairly large.

All I need now are two fancy single seaters, perhaps wingback?

Budget: 3000 dirhams (professional shelvers are needed)

Good lighting is important and I've a yen for chandeliers so I'll be looking for one that looks similar to these:

Nothing too fancy, you understand?😅

Budget: 500 dirhams

I'm quite excited to find the pieces that will bring my office together. Second hand stores online and IRL ensure I stay within budget. So far the room is painted and cleaned.
Next steps are calling in professionals to do the open shelving and lighting, as well as the videography and photography systems. This may be pricey but worth it.

What do you think? Do you have a home office? What do you use your space for? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog,


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