Notes on Being a Warrior Woman in Heels

I recently took G to watch Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. We loved the strong female cast and I was smitten with Wonder Woman's wedge heeled boots.

A couple of things that made me go hmmm…

  1. On an island of warrior women, they're all dressed like the quintessential male wet dream in corsets, heels and short skirts.
  2. They all had long flowing locks that swished about furiously as they fought.
  3. On an island of smart women, there's not a book to be found.
  4. There was still a man to save the world when WW couldn't.

Really, Hollywood?

Anyhoo…G gave it the side eye too, but wanted the sword. So I gave a packet of aluminum foil and let her make her own!

It struck me that our girls aren't going to get the essence of being a warrior woman from an actress on the big screen, but from us, their moms.

So what do we need to teach them?

  1. She'll need an armory. Perhaps not in a literal sense but in the sense of being prepared for the slings and arrows of life. Not passing that test, not getting that scholarship, not getting that job – all of these require an armory that includes patience and determination.
  2. She'll need training. Physical yes, because every girl needs to be able to defend herself, but also she needs to be able to control her emotions or they will control her. She needs to be capable of dealing with the day to day things that life throws at fixing a flat tire or at the very least being able to call a repair service. Girls need to be independent because the time for princesses and towers are over.
  3. She'll need to have a posse. A team of strong, like – minded women behind her, that will motivate, monitor and teach her. Older women who will give her the benefit of their experience and younger women who will support her in her journey.

4. She'll need a strong self image. She must understand does not equate with being powerless. She is powerful beyond measure because she is a woman.

5. She needs makeup and high heels. Enjoying these things does not make her less potent, less smart, less ambitious. She needs to know that despite these things she is still all these things.

Being a modern day warrior woman may have nothing to do with swords and shields and cool wrist thingies, but it does have everything to do with being a woman for women. And that starts at home, with my own daughter, and with yours.

We have to embrace the change that is slowly happening all over the world. We have to be riding the wave or left behind. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Until next I blog,


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