Staying Chic while Working from Your Couch

Most mornings I'm on the couch or at the kitchen table, sending or reading emails, creating e – books, interacting with all y'all on SM. The day can fly past so quickly before you know it's 12PM and your tummies rumbling, you're suffering from caffeine overdose and you hands are shaky, you look down and you're still in your PJs. It happens.

I've found having a morning routine really helps. Finding something appropriate to wear so you don't shock the maidenly modesty of the FedEx or water delivery guy in your silk shortie pajamas, is a challenge though.

I keep a very minimalist and functional wardrobe. It's also clearly divided into four sections because I don't have time to fiddle about with making outfits. I think I've mentioned that I love Pureple app for this.

Anyway, the 4 categories are:

  • Coaching meeting outfits ( basically smart casual looks)
  • Business meetings/ presentation outfits ( more business formal looks)
  • Adult – student outfits( leggings and tunic tops with sandals)
  • Working from home outfits ( see below)

The pieces can overlap but generally each category has particular pieces that work well for that function.

* Please forgive the clearly unironed pieces. Momma moved house this week and I didn't have the time to get around to ironing them in time for the post scheduling. A thousand apologies.

Working from home pieces

I have a few basic pieces (about 10) that looks good without much effort. I don't have many prints because it is very noticeable and you can't get away with wearing it more than once or twice. I also keep the colours neutral: black, navy, cream. To keep things interesting I use accessories that won't get in the way of momming.

5 tops:

  • One black, short – sleeved, summer knit, V- neck top. This knit is so light it's literally see through. I have to wear a camisole with it or you could see all my bidnis.😰. It's got a longer back so I can also wear it with leggings. Forgive the cat hairs! He was all over this layout!

  • One navy, long – sleeved, linen knit, v- neck top ( the sleeves roll and button up). I know they look super similar. Here I've laid them on top of each other so you can see the difference in colour.

  • One long – sleeved,light cotton, button up shirt. I like to do the French roll on the sleeves. Trés chic!
  • Two short – sleeved silk blouses – one in black and one in cream.

3 bottoms:

  • One dark blue, skinny fit denim jeans, high waisted (because I have a mommy pooch!)
  • One black jeggings
  • One patterned pencil skirt in cotton

2 jackets/blazers

  • One Ponte, single breast, navy blue blazer with a single gold button.
  • One Ponte, single breast, black blazer with striped lining. I love how the lining shows up when I roll the sleeves. ICYMI, I have a thing for rolling my sleeves. 🤷🏽‍♀️

The combinations are endless. A typical work from home week would look like this:

Sunday: blue jeans + long sleeved shirt + sneakers
Monday: pencil skirt + cream silk blouse + sandal
Tuesday: black jeggings + black v- neck knit + black blazer + sneakers
Wednesday: blue jeans + navy v- neck knit + navy blazer + sandal
Thursday : pencil skirt + black silk blouse + navy blazer + sandal
Saturday: black jeggings + cream silk blouse + black blazer + sneakers

I usually wear my white Nikes, nude wedge heeled sandals or Birkenstocks with these looks. Most days though, I'm padding around barefooted or with socks 😬to keep my feet warm and/ or moisturizing.

I really have to be comfortable all the time yet ready to run out at the drop of a hat. Sometimes clients ask for Skype or Zoom meetings and I have to look presentable. But I also have to do homeschooling, run to
the shops, take G to the bookstore for supplies or on a study date, cook and do the dishes.

These work for me. What do you wear when you're working from home? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog,


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