Why More Women are Needed in Business

I'd bet a million bucks there's some man reading this somewhere going, "She's going to talk about how empathetic women are. Pfft!"

Well yeah, we are that. No denying it. But we're so much more. The way I see it, the world can only benefit from more women entrepreneurs, bankers, CEOs, and so on. And not because we're weak or because we feel it's our turn ( it is!), but honestly, what has a world of men in business brought us?

That's really what we should be asking. All you have to do is look at the state of affairs of the world of business. Old, rich,white families run all but a few of the banks, companies can't remain open, families lose their homes, and people end up on the streets. The economies of most countries are so bad a loaf of bread is the height of luxury for most poor people. Yeah, great job you guys! Not.

So let me make the case for a diverse, multicultural business force made up of women!

What makes us different is also what the world requires. There've been countless research studies done as to the composition of the brain of a woman vs. that of a man. So what does it say? I don't really care. Here's my take on why we're better:

1. Women are able to multitask. That's probably because long ago when we were cave dwelling humanoids, while the men were hunting and gathering, the women were looking after the kids, the cave, fighting off marauding beasts and cooking over newly discovered fire pits. Hence our brains developed differently.

2. Women are able to work on both big picture or detail oriented tasks because once they lived in a cave with a herd of snarling beasts baying for their blood. The ability to see beyond the entrance and to make a decision to stay hunkered because the hunters were close by or make a dash for it because they weren't, was crucial to survivals of the species. It's only gotten stronger coupled with the stuff at #1.

3. Women are great negotiators. We have no need for the chest beating and humiliation of the enemy because we know that it ensures continued communication and future cooperation if both parties walk away feeling they've won something.

4. Women have had to soothe the heart of the savage beast in bed and out of it. The feminine wiles of persuasion and flattery are one way of getting someone to work with you instead of against you. The phrase " You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" is true! Women have always known this and it can be an asset that goes a long way towards creating a harmonious work environment.

5. Women offer loyalty and are more sincere when they do. That's probably because of the strong protective instincts we all have. If a woman feels valued, she will go out of her way to protect it and remain loyal to it. There aren't many women who would leave a company unless they were driven out.

6. Women have empathy. Yes, I said it!

In an age where human beings are largely dispensable, women will try to humanize the situation and find a solution that would help the person. This may be seen as a risk but businesses are built on people and bearing that in mind is what makes us who we are.

7. Ever heard the saying "Whatever you give a woman, she multiplies"? Well, it's true. Watch a single mother stretch a meager salary to cover school fees, rent and food. Watch a poor family feast on a can of baked beans and toast. Budgeting and making sure everything is covered comes easily to women. Men have to go to Business School to learn this stuff! We're the best in the market!

As a woman in business it feels very lonely when I'm the only woman at the boardroom table. Trying to explain something based on one of these 7 facts is tiresome. I've worked with all women boards too and it's so intuitive! Gosh!

So please ladies, start thinking about the exciting world of business as something we can conquer together. Encourage your young girls to learn the entrepreneurship skills needed to run their own companies one day. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Until next I blog,


5 thoughts on “Why More Women are Needed in Business

  1. I was watching a documentary the other day and Iceland was one of the first countries to have a female president and the growth and development of the country sky rocketed. When the Icelandic banks crashed it was the ones with men in charge that went under.

    It’s amazing what women can do.

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    1. I swear, if it wasn’t so damned cold up there, I’d move there in a heartbeat. Women are also guaranteed equal pay in Iceland. Coincidentally they’re non – religious too. Only 1% of the population believe in gawd, fairies, Santa and the like. Truly enlightened! May the rest of the world follow suit soon!

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