Things We Learned in July

Dunno about y'all but this month seemed interminable. It just wouldn't quit.

Issue after issue after issue. It seemed like we were being bashed like waves in strong seas would bash a boat, with more negative news than any person could process at any one time and remain sentient.

From Africa to the Middle East to Asia to the West. It seems like the world is hell bent on screwing itself. Even the weather won't give us a break. Temps are peaking at around the 50+ degree Celsius mark in the ME and there's snow everywhere where there didn't used to be in South Africa.


For once South Africa was trying to recalibrate its political future by holding people in power accountable. Sort of.

Helen Zille. Remember that power hungry white woman? Hard to discern from the sea of white people in power I know, but still. She's a holdover from a more "colonial" time and she publicly hankers after it. In an effort to send her to the past she so celebrates, the DA failed spectacularly. So for now she reigns supreme in my home province of the Western Cape, as premier. Time will tell if she faces further measures.

Jacob Zuma clings to power while continuing to bankrupt state coffers and continuing to curry favour with the Guptas. He's moved his personal pawns into place to ensure he a) gets away scot free while distracting the public with his machiavellian tactics and, b) has a hand in all future political machinations that goes on.

Robert Mugabe just. Won't. Die. He continues to perpetuate the stereotype of the African dictator. He's receiving the best of care in foreign countries for age – related kwale while people in Zimbabwe continue to suffer with a stagnant economy and a volatile political situation.

Religious nutjobs continue to run amuck and kill innocents in the name of whatever faith they profess. Kenya and Somalia have been attacked this month. Its devastating to see how little these extremists care about real, live human beings in favour of an afterlife that really, there's no evidence actually exists.

Middle East

I can't. No really. I literally can't. If I did, I'd be imprisoned or worse. However I am positive things will be resolved and cooler heads will prevail. So yes, that's all I have to say about that.


North Korea. That madman in a pissing contest with Drumpf is flipping everyone the bird with his never ending missile tests. Why? Because he can. And because he is quite, quite mad. And people are quite, quite frightened of him. It may have something to do with that haircut. I dunno.

China is on again/ off again with the US. One minute they're grinning fake grins on news and shaking their very weird handshakes, and the next they're "disappointing". China needs to "do something" about North Korea but really is in an economic bind since it trades to the tune of several billion in North Korea. Piss off the Orange One or keep making the money?Tough choice.

The Americas

I'm tired of writing about the idiots of North America, so let them stew a bit longer in the crap pot they chose. So I'm going to the South, and to Venezuela. Endless riots and civil unrest have brought out the ugly side of a government that wants to circumvent democracy and give Maduro unlimited presidential power. Useless laws wrought by hapless politicians hell bent on self enrichment while their world burns. The shortsightedness of this approach is mind – blowing!

Ugh, do I have to? Actually yes, I do. Especially after the Orange Turd tweeted about transgender service people in the military. Now that they've outlived their usefulness as a talking point during the primaries, he's thrown them under the bus. But I'm guessing he's fucking with the wrong people. The LGBTQ community are used to people messing with them. They also know how to make themselves heard. Give them time.

Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus and Jeff Sessions have similarly been tossed on the bonfire that is 45s ego. They danced with the devil, now let them burn.

I genuinely feel I need to shower every time I write about Trump. He's got that oily look about him that makes one feel unclean. I almost pity Melania. Almost.

I do hope the politics of the world will cool off a little so that art and culture, philosophy and other heart – growing things can be in the news again.

Until next I blog,


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