About the Challenges Series

I am loving the idea of creating this series. As with all great ideas it stems from a personal need. My issue was always that in order to find a solution to a female specific question I had to wade through a morass of male oriented books, advice websites and articles.

For instance, if I needed to find information on say, how other women deal with finding suitable child care so they could go to work. Or how women dealt with PMS or dysmenorrhea symptoms while working a full day and doing presentations. You know? Grown women stuff.

I wished there was one, go – to place on the interwebs where all these answers could be found. And because I couldn't readily find this magical place I thought, why not create one? A modern day Oracle of Delphi, if you will. In fact, now that I think of it, that's a totes awesome name for this series – the Delphi Series. Ha!

So that what this series will be about. Except it's going to be more of a "what to do" type deal. What to do it you're not able to find childcare. What to do if money's tight. What to do if you're being sexually harassed at work, etcetera. Cool, right?

I'll be talking to women who have faced the problems we all face as working women with families and other responsibilities. So it won't just be my take on a topic, but tried and true woman – tested advice and how – to's.

As you can expect finding these Wonder Women won't be easy and the series may take a while from this to that, but just writing this is keeping me on task and accountable. To you.

The series will look at:

  • Professional issues at work
  • Personal worries that can affect your work
  • Financial concerns that can derail your career trajectory

Of course, I'm always looking for what you want to know more about, so let me know in the comments, ja?

Until next I blog,


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