7 things you don’t know about Ms. Dhanusha

I don’t know much about makeup. I don’t really like it all that much. But, like most girls, I can watch hour upon hour of YT makeup vids.

Dhanusha is a makeup and skincare blogger. A newbie too, just like me. She knows her stuff, I guess. I’m really not the person to judge.

What I really like about her is her drive. This girl has ambition, she has… chutzpah! She’s also funny, engaging and very, very real.

So when she suggested a collab, I hopped to it. We would each write a “7 things you don’t know about me” blogpost. I’d write for her this week and she’d do the same for me.

So please enjoy the post written by Dhanusha, a beauty blogger. My post will appear on her blog at the same time. Check it here.

1. The first degree I started studying was Aeronautical engineering. Shocker, right? Turns out I am more interested in travelling in a plane than understanding the aerodynamics of it. Yeah, I don’t mind a 16hr flight to JFK, being in an aeroplane away from the chaos of the world really makes me happy. However not happy enough to become an air hostess, lol.

2. My obsession with everything green started years back but grew as my status in America was “legal alien.” Alien became my nickname, I just made it that. I got tired of saying “Dhan-nu-sha” every time I met someone, about 7 times. I got this green wig and now wear it to music festivals as my alter ego if you will.

3. I starred in a music video. You can see it here on Youtube. This was with my good friend in the United States as I lived there for a year. This was my first time, hopefully not my last.

4. I have lived in all 3 major cities of South Africa. I grew up in Durban. I lived in Johannesburg for a year. I have been in Cape Town for about 2.5 years consecutively. This is my favourite city in South Africa. I lived in Stellenbosch for about a year and a half.

5. I am a singer. Not professional of course, but I have been singing ever since as I have been talking. I used to lead sing every week at satsung(service) ever since I was a pre-schooler. I sang at my sisters’ wedding at age 14.

6. I attended Tomorrowworld music festival in Atlanta. I am a huge trance music fan. Above all, music is my religion. I believe it unites people throughout the world and I have always been passionate about it. I have met quite a few DJ’s including Armin van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk.

7. I worked with hair and make up for Mica Beauty for around 9 months and in a hair salon.

You can search for her @missdhanusha and follow, like and whatnot on Facebook, Twitter, IG and Snapchat.

Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s well traveled and smart to boot. What a dynamite package! I hope you enjoyed this, perhaps I’ll do more featuring young WOC? Let me know in the comments, yes?

Until next I blog,


4 thoughts on “7 things you don’t know about Ms. Dhanusha

  1. I had no idea you studied engineering for a year! Me too! But just like you I discovered it’s not at all what I expected. And just like you I lived in Stellenbosch for a year! It’s so cool getting to know a bit more about you Dhanusha!

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