Day 4: The Secret to Branding like a Kardashian

Look at the feature picture. Without overthinking, who does it remind you of?
Right?! The Kardashians. It's so immediate it's almost…visceral.

Love them, hate them, have no opinion on them whatsoever, but you know who they are.
And that, my ducklings, is how you do Personal Branding right. The end.

Kidding. Because how exactly did they do it? I am here to enlighten you!😌

You ready? It's so simple, it's almost unbelievable.

It comes down to what I call the C I squared system (trademark pending, don't be skelm!):

C is for Connection
The first I is for Image
The second I is for Injection

1. Connection

How did you first hear of the Kardashians? If you're older than 30, you know their dad represented OJ Simpson in his murder case.

Then came that sex tape. The tape alone would not be enough to leverage the Kardashian brand, it was the family's reaction to the tape. Mommager Kris immediately recognized the opportunity that had been presented.
She could have retreated into the shadows and placed Kim in purdah for time immemorial. She could have done what the sanctimonious yet lascivious public were baying for: Kim's head in a nunnery window.

Instead she did the opposite. She put Kim in every magazine( high end, low end, didn't matter), every TV show (ditto)and granted every interview. She didn't quibble, she (rumor has it) didn't charge a penny for any of it. Be sure, if she did, she'd make money short term, but Kim's 15 minutes would be over very quickly. Kris, very smartly, delayed her gratification.

Once she had Kim's version of events out there, she started making business connections with brands. Club openings, ribbon cuttings, etc etc. Brands brave enough to be associated were given dibs.

But the Connection was made. The public knew who Kim was. Every one knew of her. Love her or hate her, they knew who she was. The Connection was there. THAT TV deal wasn't long in coming.

2. Image

Again, mom Kris recognized the opportunity presented by Kim.

In the early to mid 90s, tiny blonde bimbettes were de rigeur. Remember Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie's reality show called something or other? Me neither. How about Laguna Beach or The Hills? Loads of blonde skinny girls with no ass and no boobs.

Introduce Kim: long raven locks, big boobs, dark skin. She stood out. Kris leveraged that instead of bleaching her little head, hoovering out her "fat" and making her subsist on a single lettuce leaf and a carrot a day.

Some of you were like "Yuck!" because your eyes and minds were so used to the golden girls. But now? All the IGs are full of big asses, big lips, and Kardashian inspired raven locks. Mission accomplished.


What made the Image even more powerful was that there were more where that came from. More raven haired K's? She kept that Image consistent while she worked on the next step.

3. Injection

It seems that the rise of SM correlates with the rise in the Kardashian family's fortunes. Suddenly they were on Snapchat, Twitter, IG and anything else they could leverage.

They inundated you with personal "behind the scenes" looks at their lives. Don't be fooled. They kept the Connection and Image consistent.
They are always in full makeup, in the trademark tight outfits ( even in the gym!) and with dark hair oh – so – coiffed. They pose in sexualized ways, because that's how you made the Connection, it worked for them and their Image and why not?

They Injected themselves into your life. And they werk that Personal Branding.

There you have it. It's not so hard for you to do the same thing. There's so much more I could add to this but that's a whole other e – course.

But I have good news for you. My next e – course will take you through my CI squared system with YOUR brand. So keep your eyes peeled. I'll work with you and your brand ( Blogger, Business Owner or Career Changer) individually. I'm working out the kinks but will have it ready to go soon.

But first, you have to understand what your Personal Brand is. So enjoy the exercises in The Art of Personal Branding and I'll be there to take you to the next level whenever you're ready.

Until next I blog,


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