Day 3: It’s more than Personal Branding 

Your goal should be about more than just self-glorification. There. I said it. If you’re about the Personal Branding because you want to be Kim K. or Blac Chyna, then move on.

You should be about being the best you, which is always better than being a copy of someone else. I know, I know, all these peeps with the black hair extensions, fake butts and lips and skin-tight dresses a la Kim, but are they really Kim? Who do you remember? I don’t want to go on too much about Kim K. here because her branding techniques are another post entirely. But suffice to say, she’s The Original and they are the copies. You don’t want to be another anything.

So what is it about? Well, according to the people in the know, AKA me, it’s about taking what’s inside, polishing it up and putting it out there.

Here is a definitive list of what it IS:

  1. It is your life, your experiences, presented to the world in away that is true to you.
  2. It is the psychology of the human mind. learning what turns it on and off, and playing to your strengths.
  3. It’s about admitting you have weakness, admitting you’re working on it, and being human.
  4. It’s about others, not you. It’s about influencing others.
  5. It’s about what you want to achieve in the best, most time efficient way possible.
  6. It’s about crafting your narrative and your image to suit your dream.
  7. It’s not, nor ever will be a project that you can start and finish. It’s a continuous development of your brand.

So now that I’ve sufficiently bored you, why did I want to do this Personal Branding thing?  The answer is simple and complicated.Just like me.

One, I love helping people. Especially my girlfriends. And you’re that, you know? My girlfriend.

Second, I’m a coloured South African. As such I often get stereotyped. Violent, taxi queen with multiple baby daddies and questionable oral hygiene and an affinity for dentist’s chairs and gold mouth jewellery.

Have you seen me? I mean I could not be further from this image. Yet people persist. Yes, even in the ME I have been greeted with “Hallo gurl, lekka djy!” My head snapped around so fast, I near gave myself whiplash!

But that’s not who I am. It’s a part of my identity but it’s not WHO I AM.

Yes, yes, I know a coloured apologist is going to crawl outta the woodwork and say something along the lines of me “denying my heritage”. But last time I checked white folk weren’t walking around in the animal skins of their troglodyte forebears.So why should coloured folk be defined by theirs?

I have actively researched my heritage( did the DNA ancestry test and everything!) and know exactly what percentage of which bloodline comes from where. Another blogpost, another time. I read up on the psychological benefits of branding, did a few courses IRL and online and starting crafting my reality. It may not be what the current consensus dictates, but hey, since when do we like doing what others tell us to do?

I am woman,hear me roar, MF!

Last but not least, I am a mother. In my mind, I am the reason the world exists, since I am the mother to a powerful girl child. Not to take anything away from those of you with boys, but, y’know. We run the world!

She needs to know that she can define how, when and where people can interact with her and how she has to self – identify. I am teaching the rules of Personal Branding as she grows, because she is an only child and she is powerful beyond belief.

So, are you convinced YOU need to DO THIS? Sign up with your email to the Follow button on the blog site or leave your email in the comments section. If you’re a blogger leave your email since I haven’t figured out how to send to you guys yet. I’m slow that way.

 I’ll send you the first of The Art of Personal Branding, my e- course that will help you rise in your career, your blogging, your business and your life. It’s free and always will be!

Until next I blog, 



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