Day 2: Who are You Branding and Why Should I Care?

No one cares. 

That’s a lie. You should care. 

Perception is everything. Like it or not, research shows that people form an opinion of you within the first 7 seconds of meeting you and then they have you slotted into whatever part of their psyche they think you identify as.

As much as that sucketh, you now know. And with knowledge comes power. 

The power to change perceptions, is powerful. 😬The power to make people think what YOU want them to think is – mind blowing! 

Big companies know this and use this. They study the psychology of optics, of perception and make money doing it. The great thing is you can do it too!

Personal branding incorporates so much more than what you look like, and yes, I know, you can wear what you want, when you want, but let’s be real. 

Ain’t nobody gonna take you seriously in a stained Lululemon yoga pants and hubby’s T. Realistically we are drawn to certain shapes, colours and the emotions they tap into. People are judgey, ICYMI. They draw conclusions based on the most arbitrary of factors ( Overheard conversation: “Habibti, she’s not good people. Her nails are too long!” Verbatim, I swear!) and then say they “just know”. Ugh. 

So what, now what? 

Well, if you want to get serious about personal branding then get serious! 

Do a declutter/ purge,  learn about which colours suit you and which don’t, buy clothes that make you feel good as opposed to just ok. I recommend Justine Leconte. She’s a fashion designer that gives great do- able tips and tricks from colour to shape to fabric. I’m not here for that, but that is part of it all. So get with it! 

Why should others care? 

They will once you start smashing them goals like no man’s business! They will once you start achieving! They’ll sit up and pay attention once you take off to the stratosphere and then they’ll wonder…how’d she do that?! 

Another moment of real for today? 

Success attracts success. People like people who do well. They’ll try to break you down but you haven’t got time for that. ( Another overheard convo. Sitting in cofffee shops gives me so much to work with! “He’s doing so well for himself! That suit was to die for! Is he single?) People note the bright and shiny, so be the bright and shiny. 

But keep it real. I’m here to bring you the real. 

Long story short? Make them care. 

Knowledge is power. But not using what you’ve learned is a waste of your time. So now is the time. 

I’m here. I care about whether or not my girls are in it to win it. So how about it? Let’s get it started! 

This is the first week of my new e- course called The Art of Personal Branding. But like I said, you gotta be in it to win it. Subscribe to my email list and you’ll get the e – course for every week for the next 6 weeks. Free! It’s self paced and easy to access. Just drop me an email. 

Until next I blog, 



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