Why Modesty at Work is Overrated

Clarity: I’m talking about false modesty. The kind where you’ve done the work, clocked the miles in professional development, walked the walk and talked the talk. That modesty that keeps you from speaking up, tooting your own horn and being your own damned cheerleader. That’s false. That sense of modesty is false

Of course, the last thing the world needs is a know – nothing, done – nothing, loud mouth parrot that screeches catch phrases that mean nothing. You know who I’m talking about!  I’m not talking about being that person.

Women especially have great difficulty talking about and celebrating their achievements. We’ve been conditioned to think that modesty is better than appearing a braggart. 

Speaking about “bragging”. When did it become a bad word? When did crowing about your achievements become something losers did? Heck if I know. 

It seems to stem from the societal pressure. The pressure to fit in rather than stand out. It’s a throwback to when being a part of a community was more important and made more sense in sharing and preserving limited resources within said community. 

Times have changed. 

Resources are now more available ( relax, I’m talking about developed countries) and the one who self promotes best captures the largest share of the pie. The community has a more or less equal share of resources (internet, SM) and one person can be just like another if they don’t seek to differentiate themselves. 

The rise of the internet and SM has made everyone and everything more accessible and more searchable. 

Think of a brand. 

Now picture that brand within context of a community of brands. How do you differentiate that brand from other brands? How do you evaluate its effectiveness? How do you know about it? Without some effective marketing and/ or advertising strategies, you don’t. That brand may have been the best thing since sliced bread but no one would realise its value if it just…sat there

That brand is you!

The power of you is in the value you create and deliver every day. Being at work is no longer enough. Doing your job is no longer enough. The world is smaller because everyone is nearer. Not in a physical sense perhaps, but via the wonders of technology and the internet. 

You need to rise higher, do more and improve your skill set in very measurable ways because jobs are scarce and the talent pool is overflowing. Everyone is dispensable. No – one is indispensable.

You want: 

  1. to be recognized for your work
  2. to be seen as an expert in your field
  3. to be differentiated in a saturated job market
  4. to expand your professional network 
  5. to increase your job prospects

 So now what? 

Well, simply put, the secret is Personal Branding. You’ve got to run your own marketing campaign to showcase your talents and skillset in a way that aligns professional integrity with personal accountability. No one is going to check on you. There is no manager or supervisor to double check your work on it. This is all on you. 

It sounds a lot doesn’t it? Like work? It needn’t be. 

I’m developing a Personal Branding series that will walk you through the most effective ways to get your name out there, in LIGHTS! 

Starting next week, I’m starting an e – course where you learn along with me. I’ll upload the worksheets and reading assignments to the blog and the videos to my new ( yay, me!) YouTube channel. Best thing about it? It’s all free. 

I’ll utilize the best practices and accredited courseware from the best universities and massive open online courses (MOOC), personal branding experts like Mattie James, Marketing and PR firm inside information condensed into one package and share it with you, while learning with you. 

Eventually we will have one on one accountability meetings ( online and IRL) and check on our progress. Together. Exciting no? 

Let me remind you again why you should be doing this

Because the world deserves to know more of you. You deserve the accolades your achievements and hard work deserves. 

You need to brand yourself before someone else brands you. 

And  the best part again? It’s all FREE! Gratis.Verniet. 

So what say you? You up for it? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next I blog, 



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