Finding your Motivation after Falling off the Fitness Bandwagon

I love working out, but not working out working out if you know what I mean? I’m not ever going to be that person that has to plan to go to a class or a gym. 

A personal opinion on gyms: yuck! A dumping ground for the collective germs and bacteria from every epidemic movie. Just no! 

Waiting my turn while Sweaty Betty ahead of me runs kms on the treadmill is no idea of fun. And working out has to be either unconscious or fun IMHO. Otherwise why bother? 

I know, I know, some overly muscled person with a degree in sweat and boredom is going to say it takes commitment and hard work to achieve the body of my dreams. I beg to differ. 

I want my body to not , erm, die, while I’m in it. That’s probably the only reason I download the exercise apps, buy the workout DVDs and get the home gym stuff. I have no illusions or intentions to look like Gigi Hawhatever. Just healthy enough to fit into nice clothes, run after my kid and maintain a healthy sac for my most prized possession, my brain. 

My routine used to look like this: 

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday : 40 mins Bikram Yoga, 30 mins stationary cycle

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1 hour Calistenics/ Isometrics/ Pilates/ targeted body work, 30 mins stationary cycle

 Saturday: Rest day

Then I lost my job and my motivation. At 40 + my body really wasn’t my main concern. I was stressed and the last thing I do when I stress is eat. Or exercise. I spend hours on the computer, reading everything and anything, or I veg out in front of the tube. I could go all day without eating.

Fortunately, I have people who care about me and make sure I get something to eat. Unfortunately this lifelong habit has messed up my metabolism and tricked my body into thinking I’m starving and needs to hold onto every gram of fat I ingest. And to then deposit said fat on my belly( where cortisone, greedy bugger, makes sure I develop a mommy pooch!) or my ass. 

So here I am, a good 30 kilos overweight and happy as a clam at high tide. And not because I overeat, but because I don’t eat. 

But things are looking up. 

I got a new job and needed to fit into the clothes I wore before, not just the yoga pants and hubby’s t- shirts that had become my uniform. 

So I need to get my metabolism on track. I prefer finding natural ways and the interwebs suggest I do this: 

1. HiiT ( High Intensity Interval Training)

2. Increase my Omega 3’s

3. Eat breakfast and graze throughout the day. Read more here.

4. Drink coffee.

5. Drink cold water.

6. Drink green tea. Read more here.

These all sound fabulous. But I’m essentially a lazy person and what with the increased activity from being back at work and eating more because I’m surrounded by people who take their lunch breaks seriously( folks do not mess around with their breaks in the ME!), I’m guessing that I’ll lose some of it anyway. The trick is to have enough pants and skirts with elasticized waists to get you through the first two to three months. 

**This post was in our couple’s blog ( Life in 365)from two years ago. I hate how cynical I sound! Gosh! I’ve come a long way since then. Still happily chubby but so much more positive. 

How do you maintain positivity and your weight through difficult or challenging times. Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog, 



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