Why I Keep Making the Same Blogging Mistakes and You Probably Will too

Blogging is a minefield of dos and don’ts. There are literally thousands of bloggers on the interwebs ready to tell you how to find followers, how to write better pieces, how to engage with your readers and on and on and on.

Until recently I was spending up to 4 hours a day ( A DAY!) reading all the advice and all the quotable, inspirational and other motivational articles hoping to learn the secrets to golden numbers worthy of…and that’s where I stopped. Worthy of whom, exactly?

Was I desperately reading all these posts because I wanted to attract more readers? Or more sponsors? Or is it to collaborate more with others? You see this is one mistake that I keep making. I started writing for others not for myself, and definitely not for my readers. 

For that I am sorry. 

So here’s a complete list of mistakes I make while blogging, and what I’ll try to do instead to stop the madness!

1. Writing for an audience not for my readers. My biggest mistake yet, and one I’ll probably continue making, because I’m human and I keep comparing myself to others and their images of perfect blogging stats. The reasonable part of me insists it’s all relative ( in most case relative to how willing one is to buy followers!) but there’s always going to be the chance that I’ll slip up and compare myself to others. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

2. Making the blog perfect. Hours of making sure pictures are perfect, spacing makes sense, using enough white space and balancing my coloured Saffa self with my more, erm, worldly Saffa part( if that makes any sense?) I’m really trying to keep the balance just right in every post. Language and grammar is my thing and I can beat myself up for hours upon discovering some previously overlooked typo or error. No more. If there’s a mistake I’ll edit after publishing and most of you don’t even seem to notice. It’s not about perfect, but it IS about real. 

3. Using crap pics. I’ve been cooling down on this because I refuse to give in and buy some ridiculously expensive camera and stuff for a few pics I could probably source for free at stock pics and so on. So I download the apps and fiddle about more than usual to make sure the pics I use are better every time. 

4. Writing short posts. I know some of the blog experts claim that I should be writing posts of 1000+ words regularly. But I think of myself. There’s no way I have the time to read through all that unless it’s a lazy weekend and who has those anymore? So I’ll keep it to just about 1000 thank you very much!

5. Not using a blog calendar. Until recently I was just using my regular calendar, you know, the one on my phone. But then I got confused with all the stuff I have on my phone because Google calendars syncs my work stuff there as well. So I found a nice free calendar at designerblogs.com and printed it. Now I’m more regular and have a monthly overview of what I want to post. The calendar also help me track stats and helps me remember what I’d blogged about in the past. 

6. Not collaborating with other bloggers. I was too shy at first. I thought they’d think I was an imposter. But apart from one truly insecure person I haven’t had any turn me down. I read, comment, like and so on on most blogs I read but have my faves, as does everyone. And unlike others I don’t think that your opinion and your blog is less authentic or serious because you choose to go with wordpress.com versus the other thing ( which sounds like a lot of work TBH!🤔). So now I’m guestblogging, having Twitter meetups and the like with other true blue bloggers! Yay, me!

7. Not giving anything back. Until I learned lesson 6 I didn’t feel I had anything to offer. That “imposter syndrome”  is a real thing y’all! I was afraid to put myself out there because I didn’t feel like I had anything to offer. However, this has changed because people have been incredibly kind and supportive and have motivated me to contact brands and to offer the world my all. And it’s paid off. I have a few brand collaborations up my sleeve (don’t forget to enter the V 19.69 Italia watch giveaway!) and have met some wonderful real people. 

You have to enter to win! Also follow me on Instagram to find out if you’ve won!

Any of these lessons can be forgotten as we struggle through our journeys but the trick is to keep reminding yourself how far you’ve come. I’ll probably make the same mistakes when confidence is down and self doubt creeps in, but hey, I’m human. 

What mistakes do you keep making and how do you self correct? Let me know in the comments. 

Until next I blog, 



9 thoughts on “Why I Keep Making the Same Blogging Mistakes and You Probably Will too

  1. I love this post and can definitely relate. My biggest mistake is comparing myself to other bloggers. I’m also my own worst critics so I see mistakes in everything I do. Learning to take this blogging thing one day at a time is hard, but I’m getting there.

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    1. I realize now that it’s ok to make these mistakes, as long as I self correct at some point. It means I’m learning. No one can do this if they’re not open to the experience of learning. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Much love ❤️

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  2. One of the joys of a blog is – it’s virtual, not carved in stone – so you can always go back and edit, or delete.
    Good enough is.

    I target 500 words. For me that is long enough to ‘tell a story’ and I hope that readers read, rather than skim.

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    1. See? I know this. Most people don’t have the time to read a 1000+ blogpost anyway, yet I spent a lot of time believing those blogging gurus who said they had achieved 1 mill+ followers because they put out super long “value” posts! 😣


  3. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I often compare myself to others, and criticize my stats, photo quality, etc. I have to force myself to come back down to earth (you know, social media really soaks us in) and remind myself of why I started blogging in the first place. I enjoyed reading this. x

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    1. As long as we keep self correcting I guess it’s ok, right? No ones got the perfect formula, but one way to mess it all up is to forget the joy we get from doing it in the first place. No one ever mentions that! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Much love!❤️


  4. If only we can remember this – that we write for ourselves not other bloggers and stop comparing ourselves. My mistake is I want to be perfect in my writing. I think it’s a Creative’s perspective – you don’t want to put something out there into the world until you’re ready or your piece is ready.

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    1. These are mistakes I’m quite happy to make as long as I self correct each time I find I’m slipping. It just means we’re growing as people. Mistakes are evidence of growth IMHO. Those who never make them, never learn anything. Thanks for the read. Much love ❤️


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