Review: V19.69 Italia watches

I know, I know, who even wears watches anymore? Unless it’s got all the bells and whistles, can hook up you up to SM and make a pot of coffee all while looking like something from a Star Trek movie,people don’t seem to wear beautiful timepieces anymore.

Well I do. I love the feel of a great timepiece. I like the look of an exquisitely crafted piece and I revel in the knowledge that it took a master watchmaker several hours, even days to make the timepiece on my wrist.

A watch aficionado

You see, I’m a bit of watch collector. I have several. From my everyday gold Juicy Couture, to my silk strapped Louis Vuitton, to my sporty white ceramic Chanel timepiece, in total I have about 10 beautiful timepieces.

There is a certain type of person who wears a watch. In this day and age of function above form, the person who wears a watch values the elegance, history and tradition that goes into making a truly individual timepiece.

A family history 

The name of Versace evokes a feeling of quality, excellence and elegance. It’s this same ethos that can be found behind the manufacture of each timepiece.

The company, Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl, was established in Milan by Alessandro Versace in 2001. With his expertise and long experience in design and fashion, A. Versace created a concept highly dominated by the Italian elegance, style and quality. Nowadays, Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl, continuing this tradition and vanguard, creates an individual style of lines, forms, and materials, following the contemporary trends and the consumers’ different needs.
V19.69 was introduced to introduced to connoisseurs of fine timepieces in Dubai in 2016.

A history of craftsmanship

Watches are finely crafted using mother of pearl,  leather, sterling silver, steel and gold plate. The design is purely elegant Italian with Swiss craftmanship and precision at its core.

The watches can be viewed online at V19.69’s website or by visiting any of The Watch House or Al Futtaim Watches and Jewellery stores in malls across the UAE.

These exquisite timepieces are priced from 850 AED.

I’ve recently visited The Watch House in Bawadi Mall and was blown away by the beautiful selection. I’ve even selected a few with the hopes that Santa would come early this year!

Have you entered the giveaway to stand a chance to win a voucher worth 400AED from V 19.69 Italia? It’s not too late. The competition has been extended by another week. Make sure you’re in it to win it! 

All you have to do is read last week’s posts, find how many times I’ve mentioned the word “watch” or “time” and comment here. Good luck! A winner will be announced on Friday.

Until next I blog, 


*This post and the related giveaway is fully sponsored by V19.69 Italia watches.


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