How to be a Great Accountability Partner

I’m really trying to be better. At life in general but more specifically, at this blogging thing. I’m posting everyday, promoting on Instagram, Twitter and far less on Pinterest than I should be. 

I really have a problem keeping my head in the game. I can schedule and calendar with the best of them, but when it comes to actually doing any of it, I suck. 

So it was great when Melissa Javan suggested we become accountability partners.

I’d heard of it, but have never had one. I’m a firm believer in “Knowledge is Power”, so you know I was going to research and read everything and anything I could find about being the world’s best accountability partner! Ever! In the history of the world!

What the experts say

1. Wikipedia gave some historical context. Did you know it was a Christian thing? In order to keep hubby from viewing porn, wifey would get a minister or someone to keep him accountable to his morals. 🙄

2. It’s a guilt thing. If you know someone is watching, you’re more likely to honour your commitment. Goals are more likely to be achieved if there’s some outside pressure involved or if someone else knows what you’re trying to achieve. Read more here and here.

3. If you want an accountability partner you should find someone who’s trustworthy, honest and positive. Of course you wouldn’t want someone who’d lie to you, told everyone your bidnis and was a Debbie Downer. I think I’ve got a great partner in Mel. I hope she feels the same! 😬

4. A good accountability partner is worth their weight in gold because she doesn’t just motivate you but in essence is your guide through whatever process you’re struggling with. In my case it the blogging thing. But you may be on a weight loss journey, or self improvement course. Whatever it is, an accountability partner should be able to get you through. Read more here.

5. A stellar AP ( I couldn’t type that again!😑) will help your business grow. If your business is blogging, like mine, then growth should be a given. Entrepreneur Magazine has all the deets!

What we’ve been doing

  1. Set our SMART goals.
  2. Scheduled monthly meetings.
  3. Have regular weekly chats to keep each other updated.
  4. Link each other to helpful articles, bloggers, podcasts, etc throughout the month.
  5. Congratulate each other on successes and motivate through challenges.

Our meeting format

  1. We list what successes we had. It’s a bit of a brag fest. No need to start on a downer.
  2. Identify the causal behavior behind the success, for example, Mel managed to be more consistent with her posts because she made a TIME investment in it.
  3. Brainstorm more ways to use #2 in other areas. For example, Mel would schedule a day a week for just writing posts, that means a greater TIME investment for greater successes.
  4. List the areas we struggle with and discuss why we’re struggling. We’re usually a bit brutal here. Honest and strong motivational talk is done here. Reminders of our WHY is repeated ad nauseam.
  5. Choose new actionable SMART GOALS for the next meeting. Mel’s challenge was a TECHNOLOGY investment. She’s a bit of a technophobe so this will have her stepping out of her comfort space. 
  6. Set up a new meeting for next month.
  7. Thank each other for what we learned in the session.

So that’s it. We won’t know if it’s working until we start hitting our goals on the reg, but it sure does make a difference to how we think and interact with our blogs. 

I use some of these techniques as a motivational coach and success partner as well. If you’re interested in working with me ( online or IRL) get in touch. Let me know in the comments if you’d ever use an AP in your journey. 

Until next I blog, 



9 thoughts on “How to be a Great Accountability Partner

  1. Brilliant, Mel was telling me about this. Although I dont have an outlined relationship I also have a blog friend who does this for me. But I definitely think we should start making more SMART goals. This is great well done! xx

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