Things we learned in June

It’s a strange thing to try to encapsulate the happenings around the world each month and to give my reaction to it. Each month there are things that make me sad, make me angry or just make me laugh at the absolute absurdity of it. Each month I’ve found some sort of hope for the world and how we are progressing as a species towards the better, brighter future we all want. 

This month it was different. This month the feeling was of hopelessness, of futility. I’m generally a pretty upbeat person who will try to put a positive spin on everything since there’s very little point to negativity. But this month the world left me deflated. 

South Africa

Another child murder. This time it was a little boy who was allegedly raped and killed by his mother’s boyfriend. Jeremiah Ruiters was 18 months old. What makes this case even more horrendous is that his mother has been arrested and is being tried alongside her lover. She knew that this man….I can’t.

Our dancing fool of a president seems to laugh and lie his way out of ever more amazing legal situations. He is so untouchable that I call him our Teflon President. Nothing sticks to him. His cronies continue to back him and one wonders whether the Constitutional Court will have the teeth to change anything in South Africa’s future. Certainly history will not be kind to these feckless vermin whom Zuma surrounds himself with, but where does that leave us now? His ex- wife is preparing for whatever the ConCourt is going to dish out and is putting her pawns into play by calling for political support for her run as SA’s next president. Does anyone realise how ridiculous that sounds? Like the worst kind of Brazilian telenovella stroyline! But it’s all too real and ensures Zuma has access to the corridors and purses of power for a little while longer, albeit from a luxury villa in Dubai. 

Winter has arrived with little respite for the drought stricken Western Cape. Despite the cold weather dam levels remain critically low and water restrictions stay in place. The effects wrought by climate change are undeniable. Only a fool would deny it’s a reality. 

Strikes flare up and die away unnoticed in my country, inconveniencing some people for a few days and then all is quiet again. A giant storm wreaked havoc and killed 11. Four family members  died when their roof collapsed under the hurricane force winds and torrential rains. The fire that swept through Knysna snuffed out the lives of the rest. And now Knysna is rebuilding in the aftermath. 

People lost everything. People lost their lives. But rebuilding is happening. It seems no matter how terrible or destroyed, the human spirit is never defeated. Perhaps I should bear that in mind.


The EU, most noticeably France and Germany, are taking great pains to show the world that they are stronger together and that the US and U.K.leaving the various coalitions and agreements will not affect their unity and progress. 

The world is clearly dividing into two factions: the EU on one side and the U.K. and US on the other. Love vs Hate. Peace vs War. Unity vs Separation. Progress vs Regression.

The rest of the world is lining up in its respective corners. The ME seem to be firmly pro – US and Africa seems to be siding with its colonial past. It will be interesting to see which way the world votes. 


I wish I didn’t have to write about the country that’s fast becoming a stain on our collective history. Unfortunately, as one of the largest populations and land masses in the world with the nuclear capability to erase half of it, its future affects the rest of us, whether we like it or not. 

As much as we want to point and laugh at the absurdity that is the current White House and its orange – hued incumbent, we have to keep an eye on the goings on. Much like the drunk uncle at a wedding with an open bar. We all know he’s going to ruin the party, but apart from praying he makes it through the speeches there’s not much else we can do. 

Life will go on. Whether humans will be around to enjoy it is questionable. Thankfully astronomers have found 10 earthlike planets in our universe. I say let’s send all these shitgibbons that endanger our collective lives with talk of war, separation and hatred toward each other to one of those. What do you say?😆

What stood out for you this month? Did the world make you feel as if you just wanted to stop and get off or did you find hope somewhere in the endless barrage of awful we’re being subjected to? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog, 


P. S. I know I’m in a unique position to comment on the shenanigans of the ME, but since that comes a with a hefty fine and/or prison sentence, I’m not going there. I know you understand. ✌🏽


7 thoughts on “Things we learned in June

  1. I hear you. Have been so impressed with the way they dealt with the Knysna fire. The Thermal Wave and how the many teams of firefighters worked together. Have just read about a burnt horse who has walked back home – today!

    And crime? We have Swiss friends who are renovating their house now he has retired. Serious security since the SIL was burgled in broad daylight.

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    1. Oh what a wonderful story about the horse. I hope he’s going to be ok? As for your friends I know how they feel. I often say we left because of crime and now can’t return because of it either. 😞


  2. The Knysna fires were so close to home even if I am in a different province! I used to live that side and I heard from friends – one of which had her children’s school on fire. Not all burned down. And how people got sick, they were close yet far from the fires.
    It’s like this is a dream really but it’s happening. And that thing about the Ariana Grande concert in London where people died, sjoe!!

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  3. The Knysna fires really stood out for me but on a postive note – to see how we as a city stood together to help our fellow human in trouble was extremely humbling. It gave me hope! It gives me hope when I see the news every other day – I need to just for my own sanity remember the good things. And watch out and be mindful for the bad, its becoming so bad here now that you cannot think that it will never happen to you anymore.

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