The 5 Best Online Science -Based Homeschool Resources

As a realist I knew I would find far more religious materials for homeschooling than I would scientific ones. Making the choice to use science – based homeschooling was one we didn’t make lightly. As a blogger sharing these makes me a bit nervous considering where we live, but as ever, I’m going to be 100% real with you. 

Living in the ME, purely scientific schooling is not really an option. Religion intertwines with all forms of education right through the curriculum no matter which national curriculum the school itself follows. 

She loves building her mechanical monsters and wants to build robotic prosthesis in the future

G has decided that a career in medicine and/ or science is where her interest lies. One minute she wants to be a surgeon and the next a forensic pathologist. Therefore, as parents we have to give her the best foundational learning skills we can. Let’s be honest, religion and science rarely cohabit peacefully. We want a child who can think logically, reasonably and make clear evidence – based decisions in her life and career. All attributes critical thinking through science espouses and promotes. 

Learning can happen anywhere, and her IPhone is a trusty sidekick

So, when looking for resources to help in her science based – learning, I found very few. Textbooks are bog standard, which can be helpful, but beyond the basics I was hard pressed to find good science – based ones. Online resources are difficult to source from a country that often blocks certain sites. But I persevered and found a trove of sites( some require registration) which helped G progress in her learning.

1. Khan Academy 

Excellent practice and mastery challenges that help parents to track weekly progress and keep kids entertained as well as motivated with fun kid- shaped challenges that get progressively harder as skills are mastered. Parents receive updates via email on which skills were practiced or mastered and how long each child spent practicing and on which days. So no faking it when online! English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Organic Chemistry, World History and Art History form a very solid curriculum. G loves the little monsters she can collect, personalize and grow as she progresses through the curriculum.

2. School of Dragons

This is pure science. It’s based on the animated movie “How To Train Your Dragon” and has lessons, experiments and free printables for parents to choose from. Kids get to play once tasks are completed and offline work is facilitated and encouraged. G loved the “Growing Mould” experiment which lasted several weeks. Children are allowed to discover and experiment  on their own and to draw reasonable conclusions based on the experiments they perform. The scientific method is practiced and taught at every step of the learning process. 

3. Bookshark

This site is paid subscription but believe me it’s worth every cent. From lesson plans to resources and activities together with assessments, it really does offer everything a secular homeschooler could require. 

4. A2Z Homeschooling

This site appeals to both sides of the aisle and offers all lesson plans resources and assessments for free! Which is really great. For those of you that are US based or using the US curriculum then this site is for you. It doesn’t look as swanky as other sites, but it works just fine. 

5. Lesson Pathways

This site allows parents to choose the areas they want their child to focus on and provides both online and offline resources. It also allows parents to craft Individual Learning Plans for each child in English, Maths and Science with assessments which helps parents to track progress. Areas that are already mastered can be  marked as completed, and those requiring more practise can be repeated. Parents also receive monthly updates in progress and struggles with suggestions for focus areas. The site can be a bit finicky, but stick with it because it really is a winner. It also encourages parental participation and active learning with child-led activities and lesson plans. 

Click on the links to find out more about the resources. Of course religious homeschoolers are free to check these out as well, but if you’re looking for purely science based learning online, then this is for you. 

Dissecting frogs and hearts and livers started with a kid friendly kit

Do you have any online resources you like to use? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog,



3 thoughts on “The 5 Best Online Science -Based Homeschool Resources

  1. Hi Karin, I went to a workshop where I met several computer programmers. I was told of this site where you can learn about html languages Also here is a CodeMakers organisation who teaches kids coding and animation. They use Scratch, which you can download. Here’s what the dude told me: “There are tons of resources online for learning and teaching Scratch and Scratch can be downloaded for free – just search offline Scratch.”

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