Get more out of your wardrobe: The black jegging

Dunno about you, but hands down the most versatile item in my wardrobe is the black legging/ jeans hybrid stupidly called the “jegging”. 

I have mine on repeat several times a week and have to replace it every so often due to chub rub destroying the inner thighs, or the colour fading so badly it no longer is black but a rather unattractive, ashy grey. 

My favourite pair by far was a pair gifted me by my sis in law. They were from Marks and Spencer, had just the right amount of stretch, had no pockets, a lovely high waistband with side fastening and were the perfect length for flats and heels. Alas, they inevitably retired to the jegging graveyard when I discovered the inner thigh holes all women dread. A sad day indeed. 

Suffice to say Marks and Sparks haven’t featured that particular model again and I’ve struggled to find the perfect jegging since then. 

I now have three identical black jeggings: one pair from Wallis, another from Dorothy Perkins and yet another from H&M. They are being worn on a cyclical basis to prevent early “retirement”. 

Before I continue let me explain the photo situation this month. I don’t have any. The photographer ( my 10 yo)decided she was too damned hot to stand and shoot me. Also, I was feeling exceptionally perimenopausal and would rather have eaten my own head than pose for a sec. I have no idea how models do it on the reg! So I’m sourcing looks from the webs. I may replace them later with my own pics but who knows? Perimenopause is a biatch! 


A nice, neutral, longer – length blazer and gold toned accessories gives this a lovely professional touch! The Valentino rock stud heels and bag are fabulous!


I love this look so much. I may have to go buy a chambray shirt but I could just borrow hubby’s! Shhh…don’t tell! I love the touch of silver with the necklace. 

Date night 

 How cute is she? I love this for a date night. That  peplum adds an extra dimension to the jeggings. The clutch adds a lovely pop of colour but I’d swap out the heels for a strappy sandal. 

Girls night out

I think I mentioned my girlfriends were very fashiony and it really is the best time to step up the trend game. All black is the ultimate fashion girl squad thing, isn’t it? This certainly ticks all the boxes. 

Lunch date

This is so cool! She totally rocks that bright blazer and heels. A leopard print scarf almost feels too much but somehow isn’t. Perfection for a lazy lunch date. 

Next month I’m going to try something new. I’m going to try a dress for each occasion. I have tons. I really do need to find new ways to wear them other than for work. 

What do you think? Have you been enjoying the Get More Out of Your Wardrobe series? Let me know in the comments. 

Until next I blog, 



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