What a perfect day in my life would look like

Please note: I’m not claiming this is happening, just what I wish would happen. “If wishes were horses…” right? I do try to achieve this most days, but life happens far too often for me to maintain it. Right now I’d say I’m batting a 3/7.


5AM: Wake ( or get woken by!) hubby, have coffee and catch up on world news on CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and France 24 and/or reading the Gulf News, Khaleej Times or The National newspapers, followed by a quick SM check.

6AM: 40 min yoga or 30 min cardio sesh, a quick shower and brekkie with a second cup of joe.

7AM: Set up homeschooling for the day, check and respond to emails and set up contacts , meetings, interviews for the next day or week.

8AM: Get girlspawn up and moving, feed and water the cat, clean the cat litter and make sure G isn’t still brushing her teeth an hour after waking!

9AM: Get homeschooling going with independent tasks while I do laundry, and general household chores.

10AM: Online tasks needs my help so active teaching kicks in. We work flat out for 30 minute sessions with 10 minute breaks for a snack (carrots with hummus or apples with peanut butter) or to watch a funny cat video. 

11AM: Independent/ creative task (painting, reading) while I get lunch ready. 


12PM – 2PM :We do a French lunch of 2 hours with a small siesta thrown in. I doze in front of the TV while G plays outside ( in cooler winter months) or online ( in summer). Friends could come over during the holidays ( most are norm schooled) and that means my nap is buggered!

2PM – 5PM :Active teaching time, with 10 minute breaks as before. Tutors may come in for specialized subjects like Arabic, French or Physics and Math. They’re scheduled a month in advance which gives me leeway to set up interviews, meetings and so on.


6PM: Another 30 mins of cardio with G or hubby joining in. Dinner prep is a family affair with all of us doing something( chopping, frying or drying).

7PM: Dinner time, with no tv ( ok, ok, sometimes😬) and some familytime chats.

8PM: Bath/ shower for G and hubs, independent reading for 30 mins or podcasts until they fall asleep. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. 🙈

9-12 AM: My work time: articles, blogposts, organizing, collab work, writing, etc. 

1AM:Bath & bedtime for me.

A lot of what actually happens isn’t on this “perfect day” schedule. It’s usually a lot of oversleeping, moaning and bitching, struggles and tears, missed deadlines, last minute interviews and meetings, phone calls, overdosing on SM and the like. Because life. 

What’s your perfect day like? How do you maintain a realistic schedule while battling the things life throws at you? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog, 



6 thoughts on “What a perfect day in my life would look like

  1. This is awesome! If I wrote mine down (which I do to motivate myself every few weeks) I think you’d have a great giggle. The older the kids get, the more perfect the day seems to “feel”. I also think this is because as I’ve gotten older I don’t put so much pressure on the day to be “perfect” – even though I still kinda want it to be textbook prefect. 😀

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  2. I’d rather make a list of my imperfect day. Every day I wake up a different time. I don’t have a routine yet, which sucks big time. Your “homeschooling get going while I do the laundry” sounds so idyllic 🙂 I want to keep my Princess busy while I do laundry- not possible though.

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    1. She’s still too young! OmG when G was that age it was a struggle keeping her out of the washing machine never-mind doing the laundry! It’ll come! And even when it does, it’ll be sporadic at best! No such thing as idyllic or perfect with kids, no matter how much we dream it!😬

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