My Dream French Holiday

I’ve had a dream of seeing France for most of my adult life. I’ve dreamt of having a croissant at a cafe in Paris, of walking down the Champs Elysee, of going to the Jardins de Tuileries and walking the maze, and of seeing the Palais de Versailles in all its glory.

Hubby and people in my life are concerned about the spate of attacks by religious extremists but I am not to be deterred. The terrorists will win if I change my dream vacation because of a few nutjobs, won’t they?

That’s all it is. A dream. You see I’ve had the opportunity to go on group trip and see all the major landmarks in a week. I’ve had the opportunity to go for a hop on, hop off European bus trip which included France. But I don’t want that. In case you missed it, I like different.

I want a week of living in a chic apartment in the heart of Paris. I want to live in a villa in the south of France. I want foods that I’d never heard of, places I’ve never seen. I want different.

I haven’t thought of how long I want the holiday to be or how much I’ll need to save before going…that’s not fun. The fun part of a dream holiday is knowing that if the dream ever became a reality it would surpass all your expectations.

This is my dream French Vacay. How I’d spend it, where I’d go and what I’d eat and drink. France is known for three things: tourist destinations, famous foods, and fashion. My holiday will have all these things but with the aim of being different at all times.



While this may not be the most exotic place in France I have to visit it as a taster of the region. Lyon is the capital of the Rhone – Alpes region and famous for its architecture and 2000 year old Roman history. I plan on walking everywhere while sipping cold juices and breaking off bites of flaky baguette.


Arles was once the home of Vincent van Gogh. It’s a small city in the Provence region of France and boasts its own amphitheatre. I want to go to one of the plays hosted there and then do  a painting class on the banks of the river Rhone.


At some point I want to flaunt my curves in my maillot on a beach somewhere in France. I know French Women Don’t Get Fat but I’m sure they’ll appreciate my female largesse.

Biarritz is an elegant little seaside city on the Basque coast. Apparently surfing is a thing there. I see myself sipping Pina Colada before going for my first ever surfing lesson!

Loire Valley

Time for some poshness and grandiose châteaux. The Loire Valley is situated in the center of France and known for its magnificent chateaus.It’s also known for its vineyards, so guess where I’ll be most of the time? That’s right! Tasting all the things!


Of the four food I’m listing here, I only have ever had one, the Ratatouille.  The others are totally unknown to me, but trust me, they sound amazing.

Coquilles Saint – Jacques

Listen to this description and try not to drool!

While modern chefs tend towards lighter scallop recipes, this old French dish of scallops poached in white wine, placed atop a purée of mushrooms in a scallop shell, covered with a sauce made of the scallop poaching liquid, and gratinéed under a broiler, is a great way to prepare the bivalve. – Todd Coleman

 I would have this with a lovely Chablis or Sauvignon.
Moules Marinieres

A combination of fresh seafood, wine and shallots accompanied by fresh and flaky baguettes. I would choose a nice little white wine in a carafe to finish off a perfect meal!

Blanquette de Veau

A veal dish prepared with butter in a creamy white sauce. “Blanquette” refers to the way the ragout is prepared without browning it. A nice Bordeaux wine from the region would suit this perfectly! Yum!


Thanks to the animation movie, everyone knows this dish. It is a vegetable dish made with onions, courgettes, tomatoes, eggplant/aubergine and fried in oil. Delicious! I have had this dish several times before and always opt for a light rose or a nice red wine to accompany it.


Of course the Francophile in me will want to visit the famous couture houses in Paris at some point. However, I think I could learn a lot more from just observing the style of everyday French men and women while eating a chocolate croissant and having an espresso at one of the many curbside cafes along the Rue St. Honore. Tres chic!

That’s it! Do you have a dream vacation you plan in your head? I hope to do this French vacation one summer in about 2 to 3 years time. What about you? Where do you really want to go and what will you do once there? Let me know in the comments. 


Until next I blog, 




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