Cooking with Adam Cooks Everything

I have a secret to share.

Come closer…

I don’t own a cookbook. 

No, no, nothing as plebeian as that for this Missus. I get my inspiration for my culinary masterpieces from the wonder that is YouTube. Lately my partner in my gastronomic expedition has been a fellow called Adam.

Some backstory: Adam Heard grew up with a love for cooking, but as with all things in life, the vagaries are the most interesting. He soon found himself married, with kids and in a job he disliked. However, his love for food and cooking never left.  Friends and family were always asking for his recipes and ( a major plus!)he also happened to be a natural in front of the camera! Soon bippity, boppety, boop, “Adam Cooks Everything ” was born

What makes this YouTube channel different is that Adam has fun doing what he does. His personality is infectious and he makes even the most complicated dish seem …easy. No Gordon Ramsey- ish tantrums or the like from Adam. Rather his food is like him: approachable, warm and fun.

Adam also doesn’t ask you to sell the kidney of your long dead grandmother to get some outlandish ingredients on the other side of Mars for your dish. No m’am, it’s all stuff you probably already have in your kitchen.

Here are my top 3 videos on Adam’s channel:

1Key lime pudding cups

If you know me ( and by now you should!), you KNOW I’ve got a sweet tooth a mile long! So naturally Adam’s pudding cups ( coincidentally also his first video on YouTube) would speak to me. I couldn’t believe how easy this was! Condensed milk, lime juice and eggs yolks, stir until “as smooth as Barry White on a singles cruise”! His words, not mine. Told you he’s funny!

2. Slow cooked ham

Being in a Muslim country, finding ham is slightly more difficult, but that didn’t stop me or hubby from drooling over this particular masterpiece! Ohmagerd! We’re seriously considering flying home to SA just to go make this! It looks THAT good!

3. Thai curried noodles

Hubby happens to be 1/4 Philipino. As such he loves all things rice and noodles. I am challenged to keep the menu interesting and varied, while remembering that he IS diabetic. So I head to YouTube to find some way to liven up the dinner menu. Adam came to my rescue with this dish. Even ms.Picky Eater( “I don’t like meat with bones in it.” Really?!) asked for seconds. Happy family with full tummies means I get  a clean kitchen with less moaning about who’s turn it is! Thanks, Adam!

I only have one complaint after watching Adam Cooks Everything: he enjoys eating his own food way too much! Watching him polish off his food is painful because it looks like it tastes like you think it would taste! Delish!

I noticed he’s added some variety to his channel with a “How to Cook” and “How to Eat” playlist, so please excuse me while I go learn some more from this very fun and talented cook.

Do you have any faves you follow on YouTube? Lemme know in the comments. 

Until next I blog, 



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