21 Rules for Staying Organized

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

In another life I would be a professional organizer.  In fact, three years ago I messed about with the idea of becoming a professional organizer. But I am too much of a control freak to let others have a say in how they want their things organized. Not a great trait for a professional declutterer!

So now I stick to organizing my home and my family. It’s a challenge since I have two homes, one in SA and one in the UAE. Granted the SA one is empty right now, but a container full of stuff is on its way and then I’m really going to need to be super organized!

Add to that a husband whose idea of an organized space is “Floor is a space!”, a daughter who’s taking her 3Rs (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce) lesson a little too seriously ( I have found collections of bottle tops under her bed – for “bottle top art”!) and a cat that constantly knocks his cat toys all over creation – and you can see what I’m dealing with. A smallish apartment with limited storage room adds to my woes.

Why the need to organize?

Some say that being organized is an inate human trait, but some scientists disagree, rather they believe that mankind’s socialization caused this phenomena as they lived in larger. Larger groups saw benefits and efficiencies as groups that lived together in an organized fashion excelled over the other groups that did not. You can see in large cities that it is very important to have everything organized and to have laws and rules so that everyone works and goes about their daily lives and orderly way. – Lance Winslow

Well, there you have it. I’m better than you because I’m organized.

Not really!

I feel more in control and less likely to splinter into a million pieces if I know where the car keys are. Organization doesn’t just keep me sane, it helps me get through the day.

My Organizing Rules

  1. One set for daily use, one set for special occasion use. This applies to cutlery, crockery, pot sets, glassware and other kitchen ware.
  2. Daily crockery is bought per piece so if one piece breaks it can easily be replaced.
  3. There are no broken or damaged or malfunctioning items in the house. Have it repaired within a day or so, or replace it. No cups without ears, chipped saucers or pots without lids.
  4. Each person is responsible for folding and packing away their own laundry. I will wash it, hang it out to dry and bring it in, but you’re folding your own damned stuff. It has to be packed away the same day it’s washed.
  5. Kiddo has labeled drawers on her dresser, so it’s easier for her to organize.
  6. Towels are bought in sets of two for Mr and Mrs, and kiddo has bright, kid-friendly colours. Beach towels are much bigger and stored with the pool and beach items in the storeroom or in a separate part of the linen cupboard.
  7. Clothing is organized according to season. Winter items are in storage and summer clothes are in wardrobes and drawers. In a few months time, I’ll wash or dry clean and fold ( not iron) all summer clothes and they go into giant plastic bins or in our suitcases.
  8. Items that are too small or unwanted are purged and donated. Damaged times are tossed. This happens at the same time I swap out winter for summer or vice versa.
  9. Toys are organized per room. Toys in the bedroom go into a toy chest. There’s an old school bag in the living room for when she wants to play while watching TV, or spending time with the family. Toys found on the floor the next day go into the garbage bin. *Shhh, not so, but it doesn’t hurt for her to think it is.
  10. Our work space is the kitchen table. Above the table is a cupboard. Once blogging, homeschooling, etc is done, EVERTHING disappears into this cupboard.
  11. I do not buy anything unless the bottle I’m using is empty. That’s why this “#empties” trend is baffling to me. As an adult I can judge how soon I’m going to run out of something. Why would I have many of the same items cluttering up my space?
  12. Each member of the family has a toiletries shelf in the bathroom. All their personal products go in there. The shelf is labeled with their name. Each person has a towel hook. Also labeled.
  13. Dirty laundry goes into the laundry hamper or I put it back in the wardrobe. Do not blame me if your fave shirt is dirty on the day you want to wear it. Do not blame me if you have no clean socks or underwear. The floor is not the laundry hamper and I am not the maid. Simple.
  14. The cat’s  litter tray is cleaned every day. The sand is replaced once a week. His water bowl and food bowl are cleaned every day. Would YOU eat or drink from a dirty bowl?
  15. A hanging organizer behind the bathroom door keeps all the hair ties, clips, brushes and combs, hair spray and oils in one place.
  16. A basket keeps all the cleaning products in one place under the sink.
  17. A drainage basket on the kitchen sink keeps all the sponges, bottle brushes, pot scourers, etc in one place.
  18. A plastic corner unit in the shower keeps all the products currently in use, in one space.
  19. The cat food, cat treats, moulting brush and toys are kept in a box under the kitchen table. It’s labeled “Cat’.
  20. Car goodies – tyre stuff, car polish, and other “I must have this for the car” paraphernalia are kept in a box labeled “Car”. Quite appropriate really.
  21. All other bits and bobs the other people in my life collect, are in a tin labeled “Bits and Bobs”.

Around my house
I can be a bit of a Clutter Nazi when it comes to keeping things in order, but like I said before, I have issues.

How do you stay organized? If you have any golden nuggets do let me know in the comments or send me an email. I will most probably use it. 

Until next I blog, 



3 thoughts on “21 Rules for Staying Organized

  1. You’d literally have a stroke in my home! lol. 3 kids….they drive me bonkers. I’ve tried starting boxes for holiday items, excess stationery items….urgh…. It doesn’t work. Toy boxes. urgh. I could go on for days! YOu are welcome to organise my home…I swear I’d have zero input to give to annoy you…lol. Next time you’re in SA…remember me;)

    Great tips though. I may print them out and see if I can get something started.

    Liked by 1 person

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