Get More Out Of Your Wardrobe: The LBD

There’s a story behind Le Petit Robe Noir. As with all good stories it begins with a feisty heroine.

Our heroine for this particular story is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, a woman who knew what women wanted.

Of course she is not credited with the idea of the LBD but her drawing being featured in the American Vogue of 1926 made it forever synonymous with Coco Chanel. Read more about the fascinating Coco here.

Coco ChanelBefore the LBD women wore dull, constrictive clothing that made movement cumbersome. She made the LBD synonymous with the well – dressed woman. Today it’s found on every what to wear list worth its salt.

I have been a fan of the LBD ever since I bought my first one from Truworths stores in N1 City Mall many many moons ago.

It was a midi length with a slashed neck and a fitted shape. I wore it with my denim trench coat and knee high boots on my first ever date with hubby. I borrowed it to a friend I felt needed similar luck and never saw it again. 😩

Today I have six LBDs. I can’t walk past one in a store without buying it. My fave is almost 10 years old. I bought it at BHS in Abu Dhabi. It’s a linen sheath that fits me like a glove.I have an Audrey LBD, so named because of the neckline. I have a Diva LBD ( a mini skirt with a peplum at the waist), and of course there’s a Julien McDonald black sheath that is lovely with green lace down the front. A summertime favourite is a black maxi with an crocheted back. I also have a Grecian goddess LBD with one embellished shoulder I wear to special evenings.

So yes, I love my LBD. But how to get more out of it? It was quite challenging since I had to choose just one, but I went with my fave, the linen sheath.

**My photographer was indisposed this month, “Mommy, it’s too hot, man!”. What to do except practice my flat lay technique? I think they turned out ok, don’t you? Also in keeping with Africa Day earlier this week I used this lovely cloth a friend from Kenya gifted me for the backdrop. What do y’all think? 


Oh I love this entire outfit! The cropped trench just adds a lil’ something to it. The shoes are from Brazil and a few years old. My summer work bag is from 9West and has just enough space for my laptop and all the files and whatnots I carry around on a daily basis. It was mercilessly squished for the flat lay.


These flats from Moleca are the comfiest I own. Truly! They feel like slippers!

Date night

For date night I’d let the dress speak for itself and channel ms. Audrey with some pearls and ostrich skin heels. A pop of colour in the box clutch is all it needs.

Girls night out

Girls night out this month is a more sedate affair since it’s Ramadan and we went to Iftar at a restaurant. I covered up in a lovely silk jacket and added silver jewellery. I kept the sexy heels though!

Lunch date

Bearing in mind it’s Ramadan, I kept the outfit less flashy. Still celebrating Africa Day I added a khaki jacket, and an African print scarf with an arm full of bracelets.

Hopefully my photographer will be in a better mood next month for when I do the Black Jeggings 5 ways.


What did you think of my flat lay? It’s not perfect but I’m learning. Any tips or tricks, leave it in the comments please.

Until next I blog, 




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