My SheIn lust list

Mense, summer’s here!

By now, I’d have hit the shops for the summer’s must haves and be packed and ready for a beach holiday. Our suitcases and passports would be packed ready for the airport pickup or drive to the hotel.

This year is different.

We’re staying UAE bound ( werk😞) and braving the mad temps. As such the wardrobe has to be adjusted.

Fortunately online shops are stepping up its game. My latest discovery is SheIn. Funky, affordable and COD = Shopping Nirvana!

So here are my lust list items I’ve saved on my SheIn app. Whether or not they end up in my summer wardrobe is a question of availability, size and versatility. In keeping with my minimialism bent, I’m trying to find at least five items from my existing wardrobe that would go with my saved items before purchasing anything.

I use the Pureple app to make outfits and once a piece has five wearable options I click Add To Cart.

So, without further ado, My Lust List


My absolute faves are the first one and the last two. Have you seen the beautiful pattern on the longish black midi?! 😍

I last wore bodysuits as a teen and swore never again. But look at these. How could I not?


I’m not too sure about these but I’m trying to push outside my comfort zone.


I am borderline obsessed with blazers and jackets. My fave is the one with stripes, because I could do stripes all day every day!

Tops and blouses


I’m planning on having the most fun ever with my shoes this summer. These are funky, fun and come with a comfortable heel height. What more could I ask for?

Workout wear

Of course, I’m going to have to get these whether or not I actually need new workout wear. I mean, have you seen the back in this bodysuit? Look! It’s not even a maybe on my list. It’s a must!

I’ve tried making some outfits with just these items, just to see how I could combine them. 

Which are your faves from my list? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog, 


* oh, and this post is totes unsponsored, mmkay?


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