Why I’m ignoring niching 

Let’s just say the last few days have been filled with the type of existential angst I last experienced as a teenager wondering why he wasn’t calling. 

I’ve been filled with the same nagging doubt, the same paralyzing fear of failure and that same nagging kernel of self doubt that maybe, just maybe I wasn’t good enough-  just as when I got ghosted by an ex at 16.

Although I’d like to claim I adulted the hell out of  it this time, I’m afraid, dear reader, that I reverted to pubescent tactics of drama, tears and falling apart. 

It all started you see, in an effort to bring some value to you with this blog. I reached out to a media company to analyze my efforts at blogging, pinpoint my weaknesses and help me “build my brand”. Their report was vicious to say the least. 

I was unfocused. I need a redesign of almost every aspect of the blog and I need to find my USP of what I could bring you that was different to all other personal blogs. I was inconsistent with the type of blogging I was doing and my brand was non existent. 

Obviously I don’t deal with critism well. 

I went to  my friends at the South African Bloggers Network FB page and posted a woe-is-me type missive begging for opinions. Sort of a girl squad commiseration in the bathrooms in the gym at school. Mostly I was consoled with “you’re fine”, “they don’t know you” and “keep doing you”, which worked to get me out of my funk. 

So what? Now what?

Well, I stop wallowing for one. I get real about what I want to do and focus on great content and the honesty I pride myself on bringing to each and every post. 

I’ll continue to learn about the best ways to serve all of you who regularly read my rantings and continue to focus on what makes me, well, me! 

Because I happen to think that media company was wrong. I happen to think that as a female blogger I can be so much more, offer so much more than the tried and tested, the demographically correct and the shoulda and musts of blogging. 

I started this blog because I wanted to speak to women as friends. Not as an expert( lawd knows there’s enough of them out there!), nor to set myself up as some sort of guru about what it’s like in the UAE, but as one woman to another: real, raw and talking about ALL the things that make us unique. All the things that matter to us. All the things that bother us. All the things that make us women. 

So while I may decrease the number of categories I blog about, and find fewer things to blog about so that you stay with me on this journey, I’m sure as hell not about to change what makes me different. I hope you’ll all stick around for the ride.

What do you think? Am I hitting the mark or missing the point? Sound off in the comments.

Until next I blog, 



9 thoughts on “Why I’m ignoring niching 

  1. building your brand with a media company’s advice is a more formal marketing a product or service focus?

    I have learnt to try and weigh up blogging advice – where is it coming from – does it work for me?
    Blogging is one long learning curve.

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  2. I think you have to keep up your blog the way you want to develop it! It will give a sense of your brand if you keep it up for a year or more. Like it will be a better rounded version of who you are, and that will be your brand! I’ve been writing my blog for almost 3 years and I think it still has a long way to go! Keep at it, because I like it!

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  3. I think it is too early for the media company to give their “judicious advices” about USP and whatever they think they are experts in. Your followers are interested in your unique, desert lifestyle that we can only dream of. You are already great at unique business ideas. Only keep whatever advice makes you money lol.

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    1. Thank you for saying that! Self doubt is a horrible thing, especially when it’s experts that bring it on. I have to learn to filter better I guess. Thank you for reading and responding. I always appreciate it. 💋

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    2. I like this “whatever they think they are experts in”. The thing is you have to see what works for you, test and try. You don’t want to end up thinking “I wish I had done that” and not tried what you wanted. So do you and see what works, what doesn’t.

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