How to style the man in your life

Being a typical coloured “klong”, hubby lives for his shorts and sneakers.

Going to the shops? Shorts and sneakers. Going to a braai? Shorts and sneakers. Picking G up at school? Shorts and sneakers.

Over the years I’ve managed to refine his style a bit. Baggy skater shorts have been replaced by sleeker, cargo shorts. Multicoloured neon sneakers have been slowly ( oh so excruciatingly slowly😩!) replaced by trendier monotone sneakers.

Mens style
Of course being a Cape Coloured Kugel( forever hereafter known as a CCK), I’m always trying for sleek, modern and updated looks.

It’s really awkward when attending a glam function when your SO insists on wearing his church chinos with his church shirt and the Massimo Dutti smoking jacket you bought last Xmas thinking he’d get a nice pair of pants with it later. It just doesn’t gel! Especially when you’re slaying in Cavalli!😪

Mens style

It’s a battle I’m slowly winning though. Marks and Spencer have made the white church shirt new again with a slimmer fit, sleeker cuffs and a modern fabric. Just don’t tell hubby!

As for shoes, if he could wear sneakers or Timberland boots everywhere he would! (*shudder)

I’ve slowly introduced trendier items like loafers, sandals and leather Steve Maddens. Here’s a pic. The dust on them tell their own story!😐

Mens style
When we first wed, I did away with everything ripped, torn, baggy or “his mother made it”. She’s been gone for about 20 odd years and couldn’t knit to save her life. It had to go.

I replaced the items over the years of course, including a beautiful cream cable knit pullover from Hugo Boss.

Cable knit sweater
But every single time he’s miffed about something or other, that pullover “his mother knit that I threw out” comes up. A CCK just can’t win!

In fact my losing streak has been fairly consistent lately with the introduction of THIS piece of horrendousity!😱

Hawaiin print shirt
We went on a summer holiday and hubby, obviously thinking Magnum PI was a style icon, came home with this beblomde nagmerrie from the resort’s in house shop!

No matter how I try to plead, snigger, scold and cajole, this is the one item he just won’t change out of. For some reason, whenever he’s about to appear in public with me, out comes this…😩

I’m not an absolute dictator when it comes to what he wears, so I’ve tried to work with it. I bought a beautiful pair of beige drawstring linen trousers, thinking he could wear it with the leather flip flops and the floral fiasco.

I think he wore it that way once.🙄

Anyway, I’d love to stay and bemoan my fashion- backward SO’s choice in attire, but he’s waiting to take me to the shops.

Casual mens style
See what I mean?

So, ladies. I guess this post is about your tried and true ways of styling your mister rather than what hasn’t worked for me.

Hit me up in the comments if there’s something I should be trying.

Until next I blog, 



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