Top 3 Body Lotions for Sensitive Skin

I’ve never realized how many body lotions there are in the market until I decided to take on this challenge.

What challenge you ask? The “Mission Replace Nivea” challenge, that challenge!

*read about my issues with Beiersdorf and Nivea here.

I would still be staring at the beauty aisle in consternation if I hadn’t remembered my criterion for the perfect body lotion:

  1. Sans parfum
  2. Natural ingredients
  3. For super sensitive (aka neurotic)skin
  4. Contains shea butter, almond oil or similar
  5. Last all day with no reapplication

Let’s call this my 5 ⭐️ test, shall we?

Once I narrowed the options down it was a lot easier. Also very surprising. About 95% of what is stocked in our local stores contain parabens, perfumes, and the like! 😱

I ended up with three promising products in my basket.

  1. H&M Intuition Shea Butter Sweet Almond Oil Avenacare Body Cream

H&M Body Cream
This should have been a non- starter because it is VERY highly fragranced.  You can’t tell that when you first buy it since it sneakily comes with a foil cover under the lid, but it is very perfumed.

And it’s not a subtle, you-smell -of- shea -or -almonds smell, no it’s a full on bathed – in- Elizabeth- Taylor- White- Diamonds in your face scent! Not subtle or very modern at all!

Nonetheless, because of the shea butter and almond oil, I soldiered on. It is extremely creamy, goes on well and disappears almost immediately into the skin. It’s smooth texture is pleasurable to spread into just showered skin and it smells divine!

After a full day my skin still had a moisturized feel and the perfume didn’t seem to affect my allergy prone skin. No tightness or itchy skin to contend with? Win!

I couldn’t wear my favourite perfume that day because of the body lotion, but it passed the “12 hours in the desert” test.

* I don’t know if I’d use this regularly. Maybe just for spa days at home?

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

2. St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E and Avocado Body Lotion

St. Ives Body Lotion
This lotion is very lightly fragranced, in fact so lightly that the scent disappeared almost immediately upon application. It has a fresh, almost cucumber -and -lime smell, which is nice.

I applied it as usual after my morning shower to slightly damp skin. It spread easily and soaked in well. The lotion is so light it had almost disappeared by the time I got dressed 10 minutes later.

Seriously, I wondered if I had dreamed applying it. Absolutely no trace of it by the time I stepped out.

By mid morning my skin started to itch, and white streaks from where I’d scratched were clearly visible. My skin felt tight and I needed to reapply.

* What a non starter. If you suffer from sensitive, dry skin then this lotion is  definitely NOT for you.


3. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair

Vaseline Body Lotion
I had such high hopes for this one! Such high hopes!

Alas, while the lotion absorbed well into post shower skin, it’s light fragrance was not unpleasurable and I did like the oil in cream formula, it did not stand the test of time. 

By midday by arms were looking ashy, no trace of the lotion to be found. I had to reapply twice since my legs started looking scaly AF!

* Another non starter. Dry, sensitive skin needs to look elsewhere for relief. This is not it.


It seems I was not successful this month. Next month I’ll try some more natural products. Garners Garden is an online shop and I’ve heard they ship to the UAE. I may give them a go.

Any suggestions for a new body lotion? Hit me up in the comments. 

Until next I blog, 



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