5 of the cheapest date night ideas 

Hubby and I do date nights to 1. remind us why we married us and 2. to get out and be adults, sans kid, just for a little while.

However, since we ARE parents, money for these things often runs out in favour of the thousandth pair of shoes G needs. She grows like a weed.

So we have to get creative. Here is a list of 5 things we did for date night that required little to no cash.

  1. Cook with each other, for each other.

    I’m not a kitchen person. Hubby enjoys it way more than I do. Sometimes though, I’ll join him in the kitchen, cutting, slicing and dicing whatever he needs and feeding each other bits to taste. It’s an hour or so of connectedness that we’d miss out on otherwise.StockSnap_I2FJ6Y4RPV.jpg

    2.  Go for a walk and buy ice creams.

There are some really nice parks around in the UAE. We’re lucky that way. Since we’re both trying to improve our general health and well – being, we like to take occassional walks. Sometimes G opts out and stays with her aunt, which gives us the perfect alone time. We talk and walk, buy a 2 dirham ice – cream and sit on the grass enjoying each other’s company.



3. Book an in – house couple’s massage.

Another perk of life in the UAE is the prepoderance of cheap spa services. Some of them offer in- house services as well.  We like the couple’s massage and it costs alot less than going to a spa for the full works.


4. Play Twister.

This game can start off funny and get very, ahem, serious, very quickly. Make sure the kids are with a relative or friend. You’ve been warned!


5. Rent all your favourite movies, make a nest on the livingroom floor and reminisce.

Of course, when I say rent, I mean download. But everything else stands. All the excess pillows, blankets, duvets and so on get tossed on the floor in a nest, and G is banned. We make some popcorn, get some wine, cheese and crackers, and watch all our faves, from The Shawshank Redemption to Bad Boys 1-3. Canoodling once the lights go out is an optional extra!


What do you and your SO do on date night that requires imagination and not much else? Give us some inspiration for our next one in the comments section. 

Until next I blog, 



6 thoughts on “5 of the cheapest date night ideas 

      1. lol I guess it is not #goals to be on a budget. However I know quite a few of my girlfriends and I always try and stretch for the best with our 20 something mcdonalds budget. Your ideas are so practical for bae’s on any occasion. Loved this!

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