Diabetic friendly foods to stock up on 

Our first inkling that something was seriously wrong was when he complained of numbness in his feet.

We were getting ready to go to bed when he told me. Granted he’d been complaining of various abnormalities over the past month, but I’d put it down to male ipikonners.

Cue a rush to the emergency room, a staggeringly high count of 390 (*faint!) an emergency drip, a pair of crutches ( it had gotten that bad😱) and strict admonitions to ” Stop drinking Coke, exercise more and eat right!”and a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Levels this high would normally put a patient into a diabetic coma, but I guess hubby is tougher to kill than usual. (Joke!)

Nowadays I’m all about finger pricks, blood sugar levels, reading labels on food, and cooking organic, raw food from scratch. Not as exotic or fun as before but I get to celebrate when this happens!


In total I spend about an hour a day searching for diabetic alternatives to the meat – rice – potatoes food he’s grown up with and is fond of.

White rice is swapped out for brown, lean cuts of beef is requested at the butchery, chicken breasts are a thing with us now, and there’s a whole lot more experimenting going on in the kitchen.

Eating out is not really an issue since our favourite restaurants either have a diabetic menu or gladly make the swaps we request.

The greatest changes have definitely been in our shopping trolley each week. I’ve had to sacrifice my love for the sweets but I’m benefiting as much as he is.

We have a whole new shopping list put together with trial and error, many hours of internet research and some input from the good doctors at the Imperial College London Diabetes Center in Abu Dhabi.

Our new shopping list for weekly grocery shopping

I hope this helps anyone who is facing the same struggle hubby is with diabetes.

Hubby and a diabetic friendly burger he made!

It’s not easy and we both have issues to deal with while coping with this disease, but it IS beatable. Good luck, and let me know how it goes in the comments section!

Until next I blog, 



8 thoughts on “Diabetic friendly foods to stock up on 

  1. That burger looks so yummy. My uncle had diabetes, so when he started living with us my mom started cooking with olive oil instead of cooking oil, no salt in food, sugars were out too. Half raw veggies. I realise that I’ve been too much time with the salt pot now… Thanks for sharing.

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    1. It’s crap when the whole family has to adapt, but it’s the only way to support a healthy diabetic lifestyle. I hate it sometimes because I have to think of new hiding places for the chocolate stash each month! But I love seeing the change in him since we’ve committed to it. Good luck with your uncle. BTW, it’s better to not cook olive oil. It’s best used raw over salads and so on. Get canola oil for cooking.


      1. As far as I know EVERYTHING we eat is GMd. Even carrots and bananas! Hubby’s doctor advised using cold pressed olive oil for his salads and not to heat the olive oil as it loses some of its benefits.


      2. I am vegetarian and I have learnt to steam fry.
        Tiny bit of oil so it doesn’t stick.
        Splash of vinegar and apple juice to make a sauce.
        Put the lid on and let it cook gently.

        Add yes, I could add the olive oil to the plate, instead of heating it.

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