Get more out of your wardrobe: the black blazer

Now that I’ve promised to do this once a month, I’m actually going to have to do it. You guys are great at keeping me accountable. So thanks…😒

This month I’m doing the most versatile item in my wardrobe: my black blazer. I wear the bleep out of it and have to replace it at least every two years. The last one I got at Massimo Dutti in light wool. Italians, man! They know how to blazer. Unfortunately, I forgot it at my mom’s house in Cape Town. 😩

This one is from H&M and it’s a few years old. It’s been through four job interviews, an emirate to emirate move, weight gain and loss, and an accidental toss in the washer by a new, overeager maid.

My next one is due anytime soon and I’ve my eye on this one from Tibi. It has feathers. ‘Nuff said! 😊

My next blazer buy
My 10 year old is still doing my pics, with minimal input from hubby. I’m still really awkward with pic taking. My oh-so-unphotogenic self is either going to have to get over my inate shyness in front of the camera (yes, even when my 10 year old is shooting) and use all the things I’ve learned on YouTube this month about how to be cool and composed on camera, or flat lay the heck out of each outfit combo.

I also wasn’t feeling well( period cramps from hell!), I wasn’t feeling my hair and it shows on the pics, I’m afraid.  How do models do it?!😩

So here you go, my take on the blazer for each and every possible occasion in my life.


This dress is “out there” pattern wise, so a black blazer tones it down nicely.

I’ve paired it with mid – heel ostrich skin slingbacks I got years ago from Gucci and my trusty work bag. I kept the jewelry simple with pearl studs, pearl ring and Longines bracelet watch.


My neighbour’s got a better front door than mine, so I borrowed it for the shoot. 😬

The casualness of the denim cut offs and the white sneakers were amped up a bit for a run to the shops. In the ME a hat is necessary and, like I said before, I don’t shop without my Massimo Dutti cross body bag.


Because of aforementioned cramps from hell, I actually cancelled my lunch date. But this is what I had set out to wear anyway.

My friends are super fashionable and since girls dress for other girls, not boys, I get to wear all my trendiest stuff.

Ripped jeans, guipure lace blouse, Prada booties and my Philip Stein watch are all appreciated by the fashionistas I call girlfriends.

Date night

This Julian McDonald dress is super nice but very body con. The lace insets also make it very memorable. As such I have only worn it twice. Once for a Valentine’s Day dinner with hubs and now. Here I’m pairing it with my Tiffany earrings, LV watch and Hugo Boss clutch.

I might donate it or give it to someone who’d see more possibilities in it. The black jacket does what it did with the work dress, tones it down.

Girls night

The Marks and Spencer ripped jeans stayed but this time I teamed it with a more forgiving faux wrap top in satin. I threw the jacket cape like over my shoulders because the clubs are always hot AF. Comfie dancing heels ( wedges naturally) and I’m ready to hit the dance floor with the girlies!

Next month I want to do the LBD, but I have so many that to choose just one would be sacrilege. So I’m debating doing 5 looks with one of each of them.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. Just one LBD or all of them?

Until next I blog, 



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