Self care for a busy working mom

If you’re anything like me, a whole day and most of the evening could go by without looking in the mirror or stopping for a break.

I spend the day getting everyone ready for the day, making sure everything is ready for the next day and then talking about everyone else’s day.

It’s only when I’m about to collapse exhausted into bed, when I remember the night creams and whatnots that really should be applied before bed.

That really is the extent of self care for me. However, as I take the time this morning to gaze at the teensy lines on my face, the shadows under my eyes, and the slivers of silver shimmering on my head, I realize something:    “Girl, you’ve let yourself go!” 

Let. Yourself. Go. 

No one to blame but yourself. Your family didn’t do it. Your boss didn’t do it. The stresses and strife of life didn’t do it. You did it. To yourself.

The realization is shocking.

So what? Now what?

Now I have to take the time to rediscover the things that make me feel good. And not what all the gurus recommend (spa days, girls weekends away, etc.), because let’s face it, who can really take an entire day away from their families without a disaster threatening? Especially if you have young children?

No, I have to be realistic and squeeze off small chunks of time in a regular day. Self care needn’t be an overly thought out production. Small increments also have a positive effects and most of all reminds me that I am a woman and have to take care of me too.

So here are some of the little things I like to do, the problems I can face and how I deal with it in order to make self care a more definite part of every day: 

  • I like long hot baths. Problem is, I have showers in my home. Yes, only. 😞

So, I buy the nice scrubs, potions and washes, light some candles, play some music and spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower at night.

  • I love a good book. Have tons of them. A favourite is Paulo Coelho. Problem is, I fall asleep the minute I open it.

So, I schedule Friday’s as my reading day. I stay in bed mostly, ask for endless cups of coffee and tea, take out my secret stash of chocolate toffees and close the bedroom door.

  • I enjoy dancing. Alone. When no one’s watching. I pretend I’m in the new Step Up movie and lift my heavy thighs, point my calloused toes and pirouette imperfectly. Problem is, the family ( and the damned cat!) is always around.

So, I tell them to get lost because I want to spring clean. They’re gone long before I can say, ” Don’t let the door…”! Then I drop a beat, and make like Misty Copeland. Bonus? The house is cleaned once a week or so.

The fabulous Misty Copeland
  • Organizing is a panacea for the soul. I can label, categorize and organize for eons. Trouble is, my space is fairly organized. I had all the organizing things long before Marie Kondo became a thing.

That’s what friends and family are for! I may not actually do their spaces, but I love sitting in their homes and mentally envisioning how I could organize it. Sometimes I even get lucky and they ask me to do it. Heaven!

  • I love beautiful clothes and expensive perfume. I like to wear them everyday and everywhere. Trouble is, mundane tasks like housewifery and other less glamourous tasks don’t always call for Prada or Chanel.

Or do they? I’ve thrown out every scraggly t- shirt, baggy pants, stained whatever I owned and bought a few cheaper bits and bobs from Aeropostale, Koton On and H&M for the practicalities of life. Who says you can’t look cute while doing the laundry?

That’s it. Little things I do every day to help me take care of me.

Let me know in the comments what you do to take care of yourself everyday. 

Until next I blog, 



4 thoughts on “Self care for a busy working mom

  1. Confession: I don’t do self-care 😦 One thing I’m hoping to do is to go to the Bloggers Meetup next weekend. I try to do this for me. Even spending money on that was hard. Your bath oils is a great idea. I try to read a page of a book before bed or during my lunch break.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you! That’s why I try not to spend any money, more of “me time” than going anywhere or spending on things. I wish I could attend a bloggers meetup in SA soon. The ones in Dubai are mostly British or US. 😞


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