Top free apps I have on my Iphone

Apps. For the longest time I had no clue what that stood for. As a techno phobe I don’t only dislike techie-ness, but am also scared of it.

The robots will rule one day! Hooo!

In small doses I can manage. I was forced to get “with it” because hubby and daughter are techno freaks. I had to educate myself very quickly in order to keep girl spawn safe online.

So, what do I have on my phone that I swear by?

My akshooal phone

Health and Fitness Apps:

  1. My Fitness Pal – I record my personal goals, activities, food intake and even how much water I drink on this app. It then works out how long I will take, at the current rate, to reach my target goal.
  2. Simply Yoga – I use this app because I despise group Yoga classes. It’s ideal because it has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for all types of yoginis. The workouts also come in 20, 40 and 60 minute intervals so you can choose how much you want to sweat!
  3. Period Diary – This app allows me to track my period as I go through peri – menopause. It’s also great for younger women just starting their periods as it allows one to track moods, symptoms, weight and temperature. I find it helpful to warn hubby of impeding mood swings and chocolate runs to the store!
  4. Pillow – This is a newish app I’ve installed this month. I sleep very poorly and this app helps me pinpoint what influences my quality of sleep each night. It also assists in forming healthy habits, pre-bed.

Social Media Apps

  1. Facebook – Of course. Who doesn’t want to be constantly in touch with everyone, all the time?
  2. Instagram – I’ve recently crossed over to a “business account”. What that means I don’t rightly know, but it does allow me to share brief moments of the processes I use in blogging, quickly and straight to my FB page and Twitter account.
  3. Pinterest – After I’ve blogged I share to my Pinterest page. It’s also great for searching for ideas for blogging, researching blogposts and getting more readers!
  4. Snapchat – I downloaded this last week. Aside from the funny faces I can make using the filters, the point of it eludes me.
  5. Twitter – I use Twitter to stay in touch viz a viz goings on in South Africa. I follow my fave radio hosts and SA pop culture phenoms there. I also engage in political dialogue sometimes.

Blogging Apps

  1. WordPress – This app gives me the freedom to collect ideas, draft blogposts and schedule or publish on the go. Win!
  2. Bloglovin’ – with all the bloggers out there it is hard to find the one’s you may love (or not!). Bloglovin’ is a great platform to read other blogger’s work from all over the world – in one place!
  3. Pages – A facebook offshoot. I use it to manage my FB page.
  4. Font Candy – I am no graphic designer or whatnot but this app makes it really easy to create great pics and memes for your blog.
  5. Ripl – Long before Font Candy, I used this app. It creates still and animated posts you can use to advertise your blog, business or whatever you need.

News and Information Apps

  1. BBC – They’re not exactly unbiased, but they do provide an alternative international perspective to the US driven CNN.
  2. Guardian – Good coverage with minimal bias on a range of topics.
  3. 702 – My fave! It has radio stations from South Africa and I can listen to Cape Talk, Radio 702, KFM and so much more, whenever I want to!

That’s about it. I have other apps but these are my go to. Did I mention they were free? Some of them require upgrades for premium stuff, but I found I get along just fine without it.

What do you have on YOUR phone? What are your faves? Lemme know in the comments. 

Until next I blog, 





4 thoughts on “Top free apps I have on my Iphone

  1. Love this post. I have never heard of “Pillow” or “Font Candy”, so I’m totally going to try these. Thanx for sharing.
    My favourites:
    * I love the app by the girls from A Beautiful Mess blog (the App is called ABM) – it’s fab for playing around with pictures, add fonts & create collages.
    * Then, I also love Jango – live streaming of many different types of playlists.
    * The “YR” app for weather.
    * My Uber & Gautrain apps have also been fab over the last couple of weeks (since we’ve come back to Jozi).

    Thanx for the lovely blog! x


  2. I have much the same apart from the News and Social Media Apps – too much negativity in the news and I have disabled Facebook App (I was spending far too much time on it and I don’t even like it). My fitness App is connected to my Fitbit which makes logging my exercise and workouts so easy. You have made me think about downloading Bloglovin though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and responding! ­čÖî­čĆ╝
      I was thinking of getting a FitBit. Everyone here has one, and I guess it would making logging in easier.
      As for Bloglovin’, I get really great ideas and articles from them for blogposts. So give it a go.

      Liked by 1 person

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