Things we learned in April

April. A month that evokes freshness, newness, cleanliness, spring coming and all those good things.

In reality, it’s been nothing but more of the same, amped up.

So here we go. What did we learn?


Trump says presidenting is not as fun as he thought. Dirty deals with the Russians, more White House leaks than a sieve, laughable fails in the first 100 days of his presidency, and the lowest approval ratings of any president. Ever. Living or dead.

North Korea is seriously scaring alot of people with it’s nuclear posturing. Many political pundits predict the start of the third World War. Except it will be between America, North Korea, Japan and China. So NOT the whole world, but…*shrug.

South Africa tried and failed to depose our own corrupt potato head president. He and his Gupta installed cronies are laughing all the way to the bank, Pravin is jobless, along with a few of his colleagues, the DA postured around a suitable punishment for colonizing – loving Helen, and the country stood together for what it seeemed was the first time in along time. I was justifiably, proudly South African!

Pic courtesy of The Sunday Times

Brexit is moving along but Angela is scuppering all dreams of May to remain in pole position viz a viz trade in the EU post – Brexit.  What a wake up call! Other countries are being groomed to take their place in the EU, leaving Britain to be not – so – great.

Le Pen and Macron are neck and neck with my prediction being that the female Trump will emerge victorius because Europeans are inherently racist and will vote for separatism in a world that is emerging as very integrated. Seen all the colored babies lately?


More of the same here I’m afraid, except that America is preparing to re-enter the dark ages by placing religious nutjobs in positions of power in government.

Pope Francis visited Egypt to do gawd knows what. All the prayers of the religious did bupkiss to prevent the bombings of two churches. On Palm Sunday. One would have thought that omniscience thing would have worked in their favour, no?

In South Africa, this guy  took on religious teaching in state funded schools. One wishes him well. Also in South Africa, millions got on their knees in front of a snake oil salesman and bigot to pray for South Africa, for better governance, for an end to corruption, etc, etc. Apparently they hadn’t heard. It’s not working.


Racism in advertising took precedence over any other developments this month.

Pepsi miscalculated the power of the Kardashian brand by enlisting the one Kardashian who doesn’t want to be known as a Kardashian, Kendall, to hawk it’s sugar water to protesters and cops. It bombed spectacularly.

Nivea repeated its racism because hey, if Trump is president it must mean that racism is ok, right? No Nivea/Beiersdorf. It still isn’t.

Serena Williams announced her pregnancy and was met with amazing and true to form racism from someone whom everyone knows knows is an arse. She called him out, gloated about winning her 20-somethingth championship while preggers and is having the time of her life. You go girl.

The most useless human beings on the planet, Kate and William, came out in support of mental health awareness and to earn their keep. Then they retreated back into their palace with smiles of smug validation to breed another useless royal.

Oh, and the giraffe finally had her baby!

Science and Technology

Scientists marched against the stupidity taking over the world. No really. On the 22 April leading scientific figures around the world organized protest marches against the propogation of stupid worldwide. A sad day indeed when science has to fucking march because stupid people are too fucken stupid to know better! UGH!

Bill Nye, The Science Guy got into a lil’ bit of hot water because of some or other kerfuffle. Probably because he’s a scientist, making hypotheses, testing, submitting for review and CHANGING HIS MIND. Some of us might learn from him.

While America is actively campaigning to dumb down the majority of it’s citizenry, I hope Africa steps into the void it will leave and ensure that some scientific progress is made in the next four years.

There you have it. April sucked eggs. 

Until next I blog, 





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