Spend a day with me in Abu Dhabi

I’ve lost my marbles. No, seriously, a recent relocation lost all my professional docs.

Of course getting them reissued would be anything but simple. From affadavits, to verification letters to certified copies – I knew it was going to be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Having no choice I called the embassy in Abu Dhabi, confirmed their operating hours and set off on a Thursday ( YOUR Friday) to go see the people at the embassy.

Go with me to Abu Dhabi, my first port of entry stamp in my passport for the ME and G’s place of birth. 

Exiting mi casa
A good time to hit the road. It’s a two hour drive to Abu Dhabi.

Coffee( must!) and some other “necessities” from the ADNOC
Diabetic sweeties for hubby!😍

Keeping kids entertained during a long drive can be all sorts of hell, luckily my kid likes reading the business section of the newspaper, doing the crossword and sudoku and journaling to keep occupied. 😍

Listening to Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Sting and Boys2Men and singing at the top of your lungs makes a great road trip!

Bloody hell! Inside the embassies area in Abu Dhabi

Of course it turned out to be a waste of time since the lovely lady on the phone forgot to tell me they were closed because of Freedom Day celebrations. The next day!

G and hubby were ravenous by this time so we stopped for PopEyes. I also popped in at the very first place I worked in Abu Dhabi.

The chicken was broasted, the drinks were cold and the fries were meh.😕

Time to head back home, G was wiped and slept for the return trip.

G’s had enough! Lights out!

The return trip was worse traffic wise since everyone was heading to their homes on the farm. It’s a thing here. People work in the big cities but have farms where they leave their families and return during the weekend.

Fashion water 🤣and BMW. A match made in sartorial heaven. Popped in to make sure they have my future ride ready. 🤣

Returning to the green garden of the UAE wearing Samoan Sand, by OPI. Had to be something to do with sand right?

A long, tiring trip with nothing good achieved. I still have to get my docs signed, sealed and delivered so will take another trip to AUH soon.

Ah well, time with the family is never wasted time. 

Until next I blog, 



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