Health gets messy after 40

Don’t even bother denying this one.

You’re going to see alot more of your doctor than you’d like.  Menopause is looming. In fact, you may even be going through peri menopause as we speak! Things are saggy, moody and drying.

Bits are going to fall apart and need help keeping together.

It really is better if you imagine your body is a car. An old car.

Maybe you’re a luxury model because you’ve taken care of yourself. Maybe you’re a mid – priced sedan that gets an annual overhaul and a monthly spit and polish at the auto garage, A.K.A. a spa.

Or maybe you’re like me.

A second hand ‘voetstoots’ that came out of the factory with issues.

The thing with being pre – programmed with health issues is that you learn to work around them. Just like that car. You know when to pump the brakes, when to “sis-sis” around the bends and you know when it’s time to just get out and push!

I have had Guillain – Barre and now suffer from residuals. I have had a TIA and now take blood thinners in the hopes that a full on stroke isn’t the reason for the next time I see my doctor. I have various related kwale that need attention.

I know I should LOOOOVE the exercise, but I don’t.

Binge watching Scandal  is my thing.
I like couch surfing with a bag of Lays lightly salted and a bottle of Merlot.

I like eating all the things when the mood strikes.

I gorge on chocolates that time of the month, and I like it.

But I have a kid. Since life has been so unfair as to gift me as a mom, I figure I’d better stick around to see her go to her first therapy session.

So I DO exercise. Not gyms, heaven forbid! Hamster wheels with a lot of sweaty, grunty people is not my idea of a good time. Plus, saving humanity from the sight of my capacious ass in Lycra is the least I can do, no?


So I do what the sane woman does : download exercise apps ( great for travel!), buy the Zumba DVDs, and get the treadmill for the front room of her house.

At least three times a week I do what I think passes as Yoga from my Yoga app. Sometimes hubby or G is co-opted for a “bonding” session. Most times Ginger is in there, messing with my downward dog.

Humph…his downward dog looks better than mine!
It’s ironic that one of my best friends is a yogini and offered a free lesson, and I’ve never taken her up on it. If you’re in the UAE, check out Lina Zoghaib at Yogi Truck. You won’t be sorry!

I used to run/walk/run for at least an hour every day on the treadmill while watching “The Talk”. Then I busted an ankle and had to sit for about a month. It still hurts a bit, so I take nightly walks and hit the stationary bike to build the strength a bit.

Other than that I do occasional weights, and isometric exercises when I’m bored. Check out YouTube for those!

I’m also looking at getting a personal trainer once a week, but worry that I really don’t like being told what to do by a shouty person. I’m looking for the right kind of personal trainer. Jillian Michaels need not apply!


I have my wobbly bits. My tummy will never be what it was at 25.  My butt is getting progressively rounder. My arms are wing – like and my thighs “looks like custard, shakes like jelly”!

But that’s not why I exercise. I exercise because I FEEL better when I do. I exercise because my body needs me to love it.

I exercise because I love me.

When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a snob. Colourless food really irks. I like salads, not because they’re fashionable, but because I like the crunch it makes when I eat it. I like thinking there’s a party on my plate each time I eat. Cilantro is my favourite herb. Roasted pumpkin in a salad is mind -blowing. Watermelon and pumpkin seeds are a match made in foodie heaven.

I eat the junk food. I don’t like the junk food, but am not about to go hungry for a diet. If the McD’s burger is all that’s between me and starvation then I’ll eat it.

Honger maak nie mooi nie.

So there you have it. Simple really. Move more times than not, eat sensibly and you’ll be fine. Yes, even after 40!


How do you take care of that bod after 40? Got any suggestions to relieve the inevitable boredom? Let me know in the comments.

Until next I blog, 



5 thoughts on “Health gets messy after 40

  1. I was shocked to read you have Guillain-Barré syndrome which is a life threatening disease, I met a man in my previous life as a Hospital Social Worker and he was lucky to survive and make the recovery he did after many months in hospital. Good luck with finding a personal trainer, I’ve had a few over the years each were very different in their approach but all helped me to achieve results. With any exercise routine its good to mix it up a bit. I like your commitment to Yoga, wish I could be that disciplined.


    1. I was 21 when I contracted it. I spent 2 months in ICU, then onto Lady Michaelis Orthopedic Hospital for intensive physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. I was there for almost 2 years.
      It IS hard to diagnose because it presents a so differently in everyone, but I had a wonderful team and made it through. Other than residuals( hand tremors, fatigue) I am 99%
      Others are not so lucky. One other person died who was diagnosed at about the same time as I was.

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      1. Well like you I had an awakening of health but mine came from my Gym and I realized I was obese and was having too many health problems. So I changed my way of life. Also the allergy thing, eggs and tree nuts are in everything, especially healthy ready made food here! So if I wanna eat I have to do it myself!

        Who needs a cook book I can post and share for free here!! Some of the stuff makes me drool too lol

        Liked by 1 person

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