Things we learned in March

Ahhhh, 2016!  How we miss you!

Remember when we were all like ” 2016 was the most annus horriblis and we can’t wait to see the back of it!”? Remember that?


2017 hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses has it? In fact I’d say 2017 is in the running for the WORST YEAR EVER!  And we’re only three months in!

2016 must feel vindicated.


Now it’s not all the Orange Turd’s fault. Yes, he has captured the world’s attention with his inane Tweets and couldn’t GAF mentality, but he has some competition.

I’m going to try to make sense of all that happened in March, hopefully make this a monthly blogpost and get some clarity for myself if no one else. Of course your opinions matter as much as mine do, so do weigh in!

  1. Politics


The Highlights

Trump is certifiable, Hillary hopes to stage a comeback, forgetting how hated she truly is, and Bernie is doing Bernie.

Zuma is taking notes, defending his Gupta friends and causing the rand to plummet with his attempts to rein in the last honest politician in Africa,Pravin Gordhan.

Theresa is hustled out of parliament during a terrorist attack but doesn’t let that slow her roll as she announces the move to get on with Brexiting the EU.

Russia is in the spotlight because of FBI investigations into possible interference in the US elections and because the people of Russia are mobilising against corruption.

Are they MAD?!

They obviously don’t watch Bond movies and see what the Russians do to people they don’t like!

I must admit, I like what I see happening!

Regular folk are getting educated about government, what their rights are and how to hold the people who are meant to be serving them, accountable. It’s been a long time coming!

My generation and my parent’s  generation mostly trusted that the government knew what they were doing and left them to do it. Most times they were right.

Except for apartheid policies of the white nationalist government in SA. Jaaa, that time they were so so so WRONG!

But with the advent of mass media and more importantly, social media, people are becoming more aware of what exactly their government is doing. And if they are messing up, behold the wrath of the 98% !

2. Religion


NEWSFLASH: The Church is Still Not The Place Religious People Pray It Is

How the Catholic church still is the biggest christian religion, I do not know!

From flushing babies down loos at nunneries, apologising for assisting in mass killings in Rwanda and the continuing protection of child raping priests, one would think that Catholic membership would dwindle.

Not so. It seems most religious folk are ok with murdering pedophiles saying the mass over their heads every Sunday. Who knew?

The Anglican church should not be snickering, and stop to  look at that fucking massive log in it’s own eye! Child rape is apparently a thing with them too!

Come the fuck on people! These churches are PROTECTING the pedophiles. They’ve known about some of these cases for years, have either paid enormous amounts of money to shut the accusers up, or simply moved the offenders to new areas so they can continue on their rapey way! What thee actual fuck is going on?!

No wonder atheism is on the rise! A good thing too, since it doesn’t seem religious people are interested in setting shit straight, at least not until their deathbeds!

3. Celebrity news


Stuff we shouldn’t care about, but do

Queen Bey is preggers with twins, Kanye is out of the mad house and making a new album (like you didn’t know that was always a publicity stunt!), John Hurt and Bill Paxton died, Riri is honoured at Harvard and gives the most badass speech ever(!), Prince Harry’s dating a coloured girl and the world’s going apeshit, people (Americans!) are losing their minds over an openly gay character in Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast”, and I just wasted 2 minutes of my life telling you about all this.

4. Science and Tech


And now on to the stuff I really care about…science-y stuff! The highlights:

Scientists are developing an ingestible robot that could one day help with colonoscopies!

I may not really be obese, because BMIs are full of it!

A brewery in California is now capable of making beer from shit water! I kid you not!

Need ear surgery sometime? A robot may actually do some of it!

And if all this awesomeness wasn’t enough to give me goosebumps, archeologists just discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint in Australia!

Please excuse the over – excitement as indicated by the many exclamation points (!!!!) but I get truly excited by the advances being made in the world by exceptional, talented people in my lifetime.

What more can be done? Where else can we go?


The future is here and it is awesome!

Until next I blog, 



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