Get more out of your wardrobe: The pencil skirt

­čĺäThis post will be mostly pictorial.

Also my 10 year old took the pics on my Iphone because hubby was busy and we couldn’t find the charger for the camera….

Skirts. I love them. Yes, I have an ass and a round tummy, but nothing makes me feel more feminine and powerful than a pencil skirt hugging my curves!

I am woman, hear me ROAR!

That said, I have only 6 skirts in my wardrobe, and three of them are pencil skirts.

As part of the minimalism kick I was on for almost a year, I got rid of everything that didn’t fit, was damaged or that I hadn’t worn in a while.

*Full disclosure: hubby and I share a tiny closet. Therefore the urge to purge was not entirely due to my desire to be a better person via simplification of my wardrobe, but rather a necessity.

In order to maximize the items that I have left, I need to style multiple outfits with minimal items.

When I was younger, pencil skirts were for work, or church, always worn with heels. Now, I aim to use it as often as possible: nights out, trips to the mall, and workwear.

The skirt I’m using is from F&F, bought about 5 years ago. I paid maybe 100 dirhams for it. The cost per wear is therefore excellent. It’s a thick jersey with just the right amount of stretch and no embellishments.

*Similar here.

Here are 5 ways to wear a basic black pencil skirt:

  1. For work

Oh my! Just noticed the 50 shades in the background! Haha!
This is one of my favourite work outfits. As well as being visually slimming, the orange is a really good colour for me( in case I ever need to go to jail!) and the silk blouse keeps me cool in 40C+ weather.

I only wear low to flat heels to work and the leopard is, IMO, a neutral.

2. For a girl’s night out

I was trying that IG model thing where they look down at their feet, and noticed the strap of my sandal was twisted! Ha!
I dunno about you, but when me and mine get together, things get a bit rough!

There will be wine, lots of it.

There will be eating, too much of it.

And there will be laughter – hold your sides, uproarious laughter!

Therefore, the outfit needs to be comfortable yet stylish, the shoes manageable and the style forgiving of the inevitable food and wine baby I always develop.

Check, check and  check!

3. For a trip to the shops

The most comfortable outfit known to womankind! Swear!
I love my street sneakers or, as Saffas say, tackies!

The only down side is that they get really dirty, really fast. And since I like to walk to the grocers, they get dirty regularly. Any advice on how to keep them white and sparkly is appreciated!

The other prerequisites for a trip to the shops is a cross body bag ( I never take a bag I have to leave in the trolley!), a jacket and scarf. Does anyone else find the grocery store cold AF?

4. For coffee with a pal

The booties and the Gucci come out at lunch dates in the UAE!

Most of my pals are fashiony people. In other words, they always look like they’ve got their shit together.

Which is great because I get a chance to try out all the style hacks I get from Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

5. For date night

The back of this top is super sexy, so without further ado, I present to you, my backrolls! Hahaha!

Date nights are sexy nights, happen once a month or so, and it gives us the chance to reconnect as a couple. Of course, I’d wear this to dinner at Nobu or something equally swanky. Movie date nights require comfort, perhaps I’ll do that next month.

So whenever we get a chance to ditch G with the nanny, we head out and I pop a leather jacket or blazer over this.  The shoes are unforgivably high and I spend the night tottering, but damn, they make my ass look ah-may-zing!

Since these are really all the places I wear clothes to ( I waft around butt nekkid at home), I’m going to choose ONE piece from my wardobe each month and style it these 5 different ways.

Next month: the black blazer.


What do you think? Would this be something you’d be interested in seeing me do? Opinions please….

Until next I blog, 



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