Why I hate being a coloured woman

I don’t. That’s all.

But now that you’re here, let’s spend a few focusing on you, and why you may have come to read this post.

  1. You’re a whitey wondering why all coloured people are so ……( insert highly racist descriptor here)
  2. You’re a whitey wandering around in the fraught minefield that is coloured mentality.
  3. You’re an apologist coloured who seeks validation from some random blogpost.
  4. You’re mad at the title and now have your winds whipped from your sails.
  5. Also, if you’re American and offended at my use of the word ” coloured”, please get in context and realise it’s not all about you!


This post was going to be all fluff and fun and talking about why lying about your age is totes appropriate, but then an old racist white woman dared to tweet about how colonialism was good for us!

So I’ll save that for tomorrow, mmkay? tenor

But now I’m mad and the post will be about how mad I am that white priviledge will consume my life and the life of my kid because I am coloured, from South Africa, and facing it in all the ways, everyday.

Helen Zille is a racist. Because she’s white she will get away with it and stay relevant to the political discourse in South Africa until she’s 6 foot 6.

Yes, she fucked up and forgot to let Mmusi think he really ran things and that she was ok with it. But he’s going to prevaricate and “investigate“.

You see, pretending to be something you’re not is very hard. Helen Zille slipped on her way to a plane and fell into some truth about who she really is and told us what she really thinks.

Like Oprah/Maya/ Iyanla/who cares said, ” When someone tells you who they are, listen.” Or something like that.

Donald Trump (that old white man with the orange permatan and bad combover) is a racist. He will continue to say whatever the hell he wants, post racist and frankly, fucked up things, because he is white and will get away with it.

Whites have gotten away with this shit for aeons.

What makes coloured or black people think that marching, protesting, etcetera will make them change? Has it worked? Let’s see….

In South Africa  the white man has been kicked out of political power. Yay, South Africa. You now have this running your shit.


We’re deeper in debt, have more unemployed, infrastructure is shot to shit, corruption is a national pastime, and firepools are a thing.

The reality is that white men still own all the things that matter in South Africa. In fact, the real rulers of South Africa are, and will always be, white men.

Well played, colonialists. Well played.

AmeriKKKa is run by a raging narcissist, misogynistic, racist turd who grabs women by their privates and brags about it, calls Mexicans rapists, wants to institute a Muslim ban ( has tried twice and failed twice-but still!) and STILL gets elected president!

That’s how priviledged whites are!

And, dear reader, it’s not protest action, sit- in’s, or parliamentary debates that will change the world, but MONEY.

Change the way money flows to white pockets and you’ll change the world.

“But I’m integrating to a new society where we’re all equal and it’s all rainbows and butterflies and white men have black wives and coloured children and and and…”

And it’s all BS.

Here’s what coloured people can and won’t do to change shit:

  1. Support coloured businesses.
  2. Celebrate coloured achievement.
  3. Make #ColouredGirlPower a hashtag as much as #BlackGirlPower is.
  4. Teach our girls and boys that gangsterism is not a thing they want to be involved in.
  5. Invest actual cash money in coloured initiatives that promote STEM in coloured schools.

You know what? I’m going to stop. Because none of this will happen. Not in any meaningful way. Because while coloured people are focused on hating on each other, white people are getting away with shit and making the MONEY!

Think I’m talking through my ass? Okay…how much money does Helen Zille and Donald Trump make a year?

More than your whining self ever will.

Let an old white man tell you what’s really up!
So, yes, I am going to stay with my coloured ass in the ME, get my money and get them where it hurts. In the pocket.


Do you know of any coloured business women who need a boost? Get in touch and send me their deets. We have mountains to conquer!

Until next I blog, 






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