5 picks for Spring 2017

Spring is almost here. I can taste it. The weather’s warming, the sun’s shining bri….wrong!

It turns out it was JUST ANOTHER SANDSTORM(!) in the land of the sand. 🏜

But I’m ever the optimist and am looking forward to new stuff. New opportunities, new home, new school for girl spawn, new blogposts, etcetera.
And new clothes for the empress!👸🏽

I’m no fashion blogger but I do know what I like and dislike. I’m still learning to like my 44 year old body with it’s hills and vales, curiosities and vagaries, but heck, I think I look ok most days.

I’m also no teen queen. I don’t buy trends, but do pay attention to international runways. So, I’ve been shopping! IRL and online, and have found a few gems.

I’ve decided to put together a realistic ( read “Non- fashiony things I could actually wear“) list of things that should trend in Spring 2017:

1. Flats with fun details

I guarantee you’ll smile when you look down at your feet during that interminable meeting!😊

They’re comfortable, functional and fun!

I got these at my fave online shop!

2. Denim shirtdress

Can be dressed up or down. Can be worn to the stores or to work. Is forgiving around the food baby and is super comfortable in the softest denim, ever!

What’s not to love?

This one’ s from Lee Cooper. Similar here.

3. Fancy blouse

People more fashionable than me are predicting the end of all that is minimalism. I hope not because I’ve embraced the trend in big way. I’ve decluttered to the point of having one hundred items, total- for SS and AW!😳

While it’s nice to have a solid neutral wardrobe with basic pieces where everything fits and looks good, some fancier items aren’t amiss when added to the basics.

I got this fancy schmancy blouse online and FELL IN LOVE. It’s lovely innit? It floats over the problem areas and can be worn a myriad ways.

This one’s from Mango but it’s sold out! 😔

4. Cropped pants

I’m still searching for the perfect pair of cropped pants. One that doesn’t make me look like I’ve chopped a bit of leg off or borrowed my daughters pants.

I’m considering this pair, but in navy or black:

5. Block heel shoes

I got these for work because they’re fashionable ( they look a bit Chanel-esque, dontcha think?), sturdy and don’t make me want to cut my feet off at the end of the day.😢 This pair is from Mango and I got them at SIVVI.com too!

A great pair of sunglasses are essential in the ME. These are from Kenneth Cole. I’m also wearing the shirtdress -to the fruit and veg shop!


I heartily recommend finding what YOU like and not buying into what you’re supposed to buy each season. The stores want to sell. You want to look good. Stop trading their needs for your own.

That being said, ignore my list. I’m full of it too!

Oh, and I paid cash money for all these. My own cash money…so…ja.😉

Until next I blog, 



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