5 ways to lose blog followers

I like to follow other female bloggers. 

I don’t follow many but have my faves. Garance Dore, Marie Denee and Beth Djalali are a few of the ladies I follow. As a South African I try to follow fellow Saffas, but I’ve not found anyone I’d go to bat for. 

This blog/rant will outline why these three ladies have my heart, and blog loyalty.

Misogynists turn away now!

  I’ll tell you a little something about myself: I’m a huge freaking feminist! 

No, I’m not gay/ lesbian/a dyke. How these words are insults I don’t exactly know, but there ya go!💁🏽

I just like supporting the underdog. Like it or not, that’s exactly what we (women) are.

When countries like Iceland become the norm ( equal pay for women was just guaranteed there) and not the exception, when women all over the world have full control over their reproductive rights and their bodies and when male priviledge is no longer a real thing in the workplace, then we can consider ourselves on the right path. 

Of course there are numerous other examples I could list, but I’m not going to expound on the various ways women are getting screwed by men. Instead I’m going to take a swipe at other women. 

Specifically other women bloggers. 👩🏽‍💻

Because, you see, not all female bloggers support women. IMHO, they should, because women make up the majority of their readership and following. But women can be bigger douches to other women than men. 

Here’s how to spot a faker when you see one: 

1. Her blog features loads of fashion pics wearing tight AF dresses.👗 

Not only does she not show awareness of how she’s perpetuating the myth that THAT’s all women should do, but she lacks the self awareness to do much other than smile vapidly at the camera. 

Rape culture doesn’t form a part of her narrative. Challenging stereotypes is not addressed. As long as she’s …dressed. 😕

2. She shamelessly self promotes. 

She’s all about the hustle. In fact, the hashtags #hustle #slay #queen  are most likely found in her posts on IG. 

HER career. HER achievements. HER, her, her. 

The opportunity to do the same for other businesswomen or women in general just slips right over her pretty little noggin. 😢

3.She’s sponsored.

She plugs beauty creams. She uses fancy hair thingies. She makes YouTube vids featuring luxury cars from brands that don’t give AF about women and the struggles they go through. 

But hey, as long as she gets paid, right? It’s ALL about the chi-ching, innit?😒

4. She’s well off. Or her family is.

She’s educated( lawyer, doctor, accountant,etc.). She drives a fancy car, lives in a nice neighborhood in a nice house. 

And she’s invariably under 35. Her outfits are designer or good knock offs. But like good -good…so good you can’t tell. 

How is all this possible? Daddy’s money. 😌

She doesn’t use that privilege she’s known all her life to better the situation of others. She wouldn’t know where to start. Is a rare bird indeed who can come from all that and recognize and want to better the lives of other women around them. 

She’s not rare at all, she’s as common as a street pigeon.

5. She’s a poser.

Left foot forward, hip out, lips pursed provocatively, make up perfect and looking good. 

She’s on every red carpet from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to the launch of a cream cheese. 

She isn’t on women’s issues. She isn’t on advocating for women’s rights or drawing attention to women’s charities or causes. 

What she IS doing is perpetuating the myth of women as pretty, vacuous objects of desire. 
Her readers don’t know any better. 

Until recently I was one of them. 

Then I realized that every time she opened her mouth or took to her blog, she didn’t add anything to anyone other than herself. She didn’t care for anything other than the latest, greatest whatever. And I deserve better. 

Now someone is going to say I’m hating on her. Far from it.

 I’m the wakeup call. Because “once you know better you do better” , right? 

Uhm, (💭 thinking hard for another meaningless platitude) “admitting you have a problem is the first step”, riiight?

I hope so. 

Until next I blog, 


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17 thoughts on “5 ways to lose blog followers

    1. All the blogs I follow are written by women. I read alot, follow a few. What sets the ones I follow apart are how they contribute to the feminist cause.
      Thanks you, Diane, for taking the time to read and comment on the piece. I do appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This was thought provoking on so many levels for me. I think I was guilty too of thinking that this is what lifestyle blogger should do. Write about those kinds of things and not really politics and so forth but reading this makes me go well dammnnn! What message am I signaling out to my online friendships. I started my blog a few months ago. Thank God I found this piece cause I have been struggling with content vision. This really helped me find comfort with knowing I don’t have to live my blog in a “lifestyle box” I don’t need to check other bloggers trends to stay on path. I wanna be a daring voice that challenge the norm.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your post is hectic – so raw! I also believe in women that are showing their true selves; I normally don’t click on a blog if it’s about a promotion or review or food – I’m into what’s your story not the stuff you are showing me you have lol; I want to relate to you that way.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Pink Peonies is one of my fave SA bloggers. Belle Blushh as well. I find them to be honest and genuine.

    I don’t know….if we’re bashing fellow bloggers, fellow women…is that being feminist? I’m not judging or throwing shade, because I can tell you I have my own annoyances with female bloggers. Many of them throw shade, they are cliquey. There’s one who I follow, I comment all the time. I may be her only comment, she’ll never acknowledge or reply to me. I find many of the female bloggers feel like there’s only room for them to shine…that works on my nerves. I don’t see why they can’t be kinder. Jonelle from Tyranny of Pink is another helpful and kind blogger. Nisa from BB has gone above and beyond to give me tips on photography, etc.. There are really some lovely female bloggers out there.

    I’ll check these ladies out that you’ve mentioned 🙂

    Interesting post for starting a dialogue.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You said it,”…there’s only room for them to shine”.
      As for bashing fellow bloggers, I truly wasn’t. What I was doing was raising the bar- hopefully. Being all about yourself is tired. What with women being on the receiving end of a lot of flack, I truly hope we can start including others in our( extremely important!) blogging work.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I do appreciate it. ❤️

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