Hello, girlfriend!

I know what you’re thinking, “Another female blogger?”  Yaas, why not?

The world needs more opinionated females, IMHO.

I had another blog ( a couple’s blog) 🙄but after one too many fights over content, commitment and quality, I decided to go it alone.

Who am I? A wife, mom, educator and entrepreneur with a passion for life and people. Problem is, I live in the UAE, a transient place with lots of expats and very few opportunities to make lasting friendships.

I don’t have many IRL friends because of this and also I’ve a big mouth and a lot of opinions😬, so I really do need a place to sound off.

I’ve been a UAE resident for the past 13 years, but am a Cape Town girl, born and bred. There’s nothing quite like home, but the UAE holds a special place in my heart.

With this blog, I’d like to think I’m chatting to some girlfriends over coffee, just as I would if we really were hanging out.

I’ll blog about all of the things we ladies chat about when we get together: relationships, children, food, fashion, world happenings and so much more.

I’ll share the things I like (or not!) with product reviews, opinions on places we visit,  fun things to do in the UAE and advice on life and living in the UAE.

All of this with a uniquely South African flava!

Since you’re my new girlfriends I would appreciate if you weigh in every now and then.

I do hope you stick around, because I’ve got a lot to say, and really, what’s life without the company of a few good friends?

**Oh yes! Forgot to mention I blog every day, Sunday to Thursday, and take weekends off, y’know, to find stuff to blog about. 

Until next I blog, 


12 thoughts on “Hello, girlfriend!

  1. Totally agree with your blog. My children are grown and I now have Grandchildren. I remember with my son, he was naturally aggressive and impulsive. My thinking was if I wish to alter his behavior spanking only teaches him “Might makes right”! My daughter was so sensitive a verbal reprimand sufficed. The object of discipline is to help child realize that actions have consequences. For both kids being sent to their room was sufficient. My parents did spankings or rather my mother would say “Wait till your Father gets home!” My Father wised up and stop the delayed corporal punishment. Sorry for the run on sentences! Agree with ALL of your points.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write me Bridget.
      In a world where our children are bullied at school almost every day, I don’t think we should be doing the same at home.
      Stay tuned for more rankings.


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